Choosing gold or silver jewelry?

Gold or silver: a difficult choice for anyone who loves jewelry. Both types of jewelry are beautiful and create a different look. So which one do you choose? Read our tips on choosing between these two precious metals below.

Regardless of your choice: at Minitials, you personalize your jewelry. So together we create a necklace, bracelet, ring or pair of earrings that fits you exactly. In gold or silver, that choice is yours!

kiezen voor goud of zilver sieraden

The differences between silver and gold

The most familiar difference between silver and gold jewelry is, of course, appearance. But did you know there are other differences? We list them for you:

  • Gold is rarer than silver and therefore generally worth more.
  • Silver oxidizes over time. This means that the color becomes a little fainter. No worries: with some silver polish, your silver jewelry will be back to its old self in no time. This does mean that silver jewelry requires a bit more maintenance than gold jewelry.
  • Silver (in pure form) is lighter in weight than gold.
  • Gold is a softer material than silver. Therefore, for hardness, other materials are often added to gold to make your jewelry extra sturdy. Therefore, always check the number of carats of your gold jewelry before making your choice.

Tips for choosing between gold and silver

Silver or gold jewelry, not sure which suits you best? There are all kinds of ways to find out. For example, look at the undertone of your skin: is it warm, neutral or cool? More on this later. You’ll also read about different color types below, which may help you decide between gold and silver.

And finally, you may not have to choose at all! Combine silver and gold for a playful effect. Did you know that many couples do this with their wedding rings. However, more and more couples are also opting for a wedding ring alternative in the form of a bracelet or necklace. It’s just what you like best.

Are you dealing with a nickel allergy? We recommend that you avoid jewelry with this raw material and opt for high-quality jewelry that contains sufficient gold and silver.

The undertone of your skin

The undertone of your skin is different from your skin tone. This is because your skin tone changes with the seasons, becoming browner in the summer, but your undertone is always the same. The undertone can be warm, neutral or cold/cool. Do you have a warm undertone? Often gold jewelry then looks very nice. With cool undertones, on the contrary, silver is often very popular.

Do you want to know what your undertone is? Then look at the veins at your wrist. With a cool undertone, veins appear blue or purple, while a warm undertone creates green blood vessels. See little difference or don’t know exactly what color the veins are? Chances are then you will have a neutral undertone.

Note: Although the combinations are very nice of a warm undertone with gold jewelry, and a cool undertone with silver jewelry, this is not a set rule. Do you have a cool undertone but prefer gold jewelry? Live it up and wear what suits you!

Color Types

Do you already know the color types? Color types are four categories linked to the seasons. With each type, a different color of jewelry generally looks best. For example, summer and winter types tend to wear silver jewelry, while spring and fall types are more likely to choose gold.

You discover your color type based on your eye color, hair color and skin color.

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