White gold earrings with diamond

The warm colour of white gold is beautiful in combination with diamonds. White gold diamond earrings are therefore a must have in your jewellery collection!

We prefer to create jewellery with a loving story. That’s why we make it possible to personalise earrings with, for example, symbols or initials that have a meaning in your life. This way, you always carry your loved ones or special memories close by.

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Minitials Zodiac Earring


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Minitials One Pavé Signature Symbol Earring

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Minitials One Diamond Earring


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Minitials One Blend Chain Earring


Minitials One Diamond Chain Earring


Minitials ÆON Diamond Initial Earring


Minitials ÆON Diamond Hoop


Minitials ÆON Faith Earring


Minitials ÆON Luckystar Earjacket


Minitials The Hedge Earcuff


Minitials The Hedge Earrings


Minitials Two Jubilee XL Halo Earrings


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The unique colour of white gold

White gold is a special colour. Our white gold earrings are composed of 75% yellow gold and 25% palladium, because yellow gold does not occur naturally. Since a slight yellow tint is always visible, our white gold jewellery is rhodium-plated for a radiant white luster.

The shine of white gold is different compared to silver, as silver has a slightly duller appearance.

The rhodium-plated layer of your white gold earrings with diamonds may wear a little over time. This is a natural process whereby the underlying yellow gold colour can come forward a little more. When this happens, you can have your earrings re-plated with rhodium for a small fee. Then the original white gold colour will be restored.

White gold diamond earrings for every style

Those who like to stand out will love our The Hedge earrings. The earrings have two pavé-set alliance rings surrounding the centre. In the centre, there is a relief of bold triangles. Inside the earring are 20 pavé white (F-VS) diamonds of 0.02 kt.

Our The Hedge ear cuff is similar to the ear studs, with one difference: you can wear these white gold diamond earrings without the need for holes. You can wear it as a normal earring, or higher up in your auricle for a cool look.

Do you prefer to wear jewellery with a minimalist look? Then our one Blend earring will suit you well. The charms are about 5 mm high, making them very subtle white gold earrings with diamonds. You can personalise these earrings to an initial or (personalised) symbol of your choice.

Gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland

Ideally, you will never take off your white gold earrings with diamond. To make sure you enjoy your Minitials jewellery for years to come, we select only high-quality materials. Our goldsmiths make every piece of jewellery by hand in the Netherlands, paying great attention to beauty. This ensures white gold diamond earrings with the finest details!

All our jewellery has a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland. This means that the earrings meet the legal requirements and guidelines around precious metals. The gold hallmark is thus an extra insurance for high-quality jewellery.


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