White gold earrings

Are you a real fan of white gold jewellery? Then white gold earrings are the perfect way to complete your look. Thanks to the beautiful white colour combined with real gold, you create a classic and elegant look that will truly boost any outfit.

With the choice of earrings, ear studs and earrings, you are guaranteed to find a beautiful pair of white gold earrings to match your style. Add a personal touch by adding an initial, number or (personalised) symbol. This way, you make the earrings entirely to your own taste and choose for authenticity.

Minitials Zodiac Earring


Minitials Moony Earring


Minitials Yin Yang Earring


Minitials Bolt Earring


Minitials Comet Earring


Minitials Saturn Earring


Minitials One Signature Earring


Minitials One Blend Earring


Minitials One Pavé Signature Symbol Earring

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Minitials One Diamond Earring


Minitials Two Diamond Earrings


Minitials One Signature Chain Earring


Minitials One Blend Chain Earring


Minitials One Diamond Chain Earring


Minitials Two Unchained Earring


Minitials Two Unchained Earrings


Minitials Iniemini Hoop


Minitials Iniemini Hoops


Minitials Mini Hoop


Minitials Mini Hoops


Minitials Chunky Hoop


Minitials Chunky Hoops


Minitials Arrow Earring


Minitials Angelwing Earring


Minitials ÆON Diamond Initial Earring


Minitials ÆON Diamond Hoop


Minitials ÆON Faith Earring


Minitials ÆON Luckystar Earjacket


Minitials The Hedge Earcuff


Minitials The Hedge Earrings


Minitials Two Jubilee XL Halo Earrings


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How are white gold earrings made?

White gold earrings are made by alloying pure gold with other metals, such as nickel, palladium or zinc. The combination of these metals makes the gold white in colour and maintains its strength, also a rhodium layer is applied which gives the gold its true white colour. White gold is therefore not found like this in nature, but it is a true precious metal.

The process of making white gold earrings starts with melting the different metals. After this, the mixture is poured into a mould to create the desired shape. The gold is then worked and shaped to give the earrings their unique shape.

After shaping, the earrings are polished to give a smooth and shiny finish. Depending on the design, further steps may include adding gemstones or diamonds or engraving an initial or symbol.

Finally, the earrings are carefully checked and inspected to ensure they meet Minitials’ high quality standards. Thus, Minitials’ white gold earrings are not only unique and personal, but also of excellent quality and craftsmanship.

White gold earrings with a personal touch

White gold earrings are very stylish on their own, but they can match your style even better by adding a personal touch. At Minitials you have, among other things, the option of engraving the earrings with an initial, number or (personalised) symbol, depending on the model of earrings you choose.

In addition, some earrings feature one diamond or several diamonds. In that case, you can choose between white, black and in some cases champagne-coloured diamonds. This allows you to completely tune the look of the earrings to your style and create an authentic and timeless look.

White gold earrings for different styles

With the choice of different models of white gold earrings and the possibility of personalising them, there is a beautiful pair of modern earrings for every style. Will you go for a classic and simplistic pair or will you go for a unique and modern pair of earrings? With our exclusive earrings, you are sure to complete your outfit.

Have you found a pair that matches your personal wishes? Add another personal touch by having an initial, number or symbol engraved. All our jewellery is handmade of 18-carat white gold, including our white gold earrings. Choose authenticity, attention to quality and an eye for detail with Minitials’ beautiful collections.

White gold earrings by Minitials

A piece of gold jewellery is already chic and timeless, but white gold earrings really are the crème de la crème when it comes to elegance. White gold is a precious metal that gets its beautiful white colour thanks to the combination of real gold and other metals. Besides the beautiful colour, the addition of the other metals ensures that the gold retains its strength.

All our white gold earrings are handmade from 18 carat white gold. Quality and craftsmanship are therefore very important to us. Take a look at our range and discover whether white gold earrings or ear studs suit you.

Also discover immediately the possibilities of personalising your white gold earrings. Have an initial, number or symbol engraved in the earrings, for example. With this personal touch, you provide extra charm and always choose a unique pair of white gold earrings.

Besides white gold, however, it is also possible to choose rose gold or yellow gold. Depending on your style and personal wishes, you can tailor the gold earrings completely to your own taste.


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