Golden earrings

With a pair of gold earrings, you opt for an elegant look. Ladies love to wear it to complete their outfit. Has it always been your dream to wear handmade 18-carat gold earrings? Then you will find exactly what you are looking for with us. We have a wide collection of different gold earrings that are likely to put a smile on your face because of their beauty.

Minitials Zodiac Earring


Minitials Moony Earring


Minitials Yin Yang Earring


Minitials Bolt Earring


Minitials Comet Earring


Minitials Saturn Earring


Minitials One Signature Earring


Minitials One Blend Earring


Minitials One Pavé Signature Symbol Earring

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Minitials One Diamond Earring


Minitials Two Diamond Earrings


Minitials One Signature Chain Earring


Minitials One Blend Chain Earring


Minitials One Diamond Chain Earring


Minitials Two Unchained Earring


Minitials Two Unchained Earrings


Minitials Three Unchained V2 Earring


Minitials Three Unchained V2 Earrings


Minitials Iniemini Hoop


Minitials Iniemini Hoops


Minitials Mini Hoop


Minitials Mini Hoops


Minitials Bold Hoop


Minitials Bold Hoops


Minitials Chunky Hoop


Minitials Chunky Hoops


Minitials Arrow Earring


Minitials Angelwing Earring


Minitials ÆON Diamond Initial Earring


Minitials ÆON Diamond Hoop


Minitials ÆON Faith Earring


Minitials ÆON Luckystar Earjacket


Minitials The Hedge Earcuff


Minitials The Hedge Earrings


Minitials Two Jubilee XL Halo Earrings


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A pair of gold earrings for a stylish look

Gold earrings are a real must-have for several reasons. They are made of the precious metal gold, and did you know that 18-carat gold earrings have been popular as jewellery for centuries? It exudes elegance, wealth and status. This was true back in the Middle Ages, and is not much different today. Almost every woman becomes happy with a beautiful set of earrings. And just look in your own environment: many women have holes, so they can wear the perfect pair of gold earrings during various occasions.

Gold women’s earrings for any occasion

A great advantage of a nice pair of gold earrings is that you can wear them almost anytime. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just heading out the door, having a party or a formal affair: gold earrings or gold ear studs almost always look good. Or maybe you’d like to stand out with a pair of gold creoles. That’s purely personal, but either way, gold earrings add that little extra touch of style.

Gold earrings and your outfit: what to look out for?

When wearing gold earrings with your outfit, keep the colour in mind. Colourful clothes will go well with a striking set of yellow gold or diamond earrings, for example. Or opt for stylish and modest. Small earrings also work well when you don’t want to stand out too much. Keep an eye on our website and socials to see what’s in at the moment, of course you can also make an appointment in our Flagship store to be provided with personal advice.

Why is gold the perfect material for earrings?

Gold is the perfect material for a pair of beautiful earrings. It has a certain shine that you simply can’t get tired of. Yellow gold and rose gold have a warm colour you won’t find in any other metal.

Besides shiny earrings, we also have matte gold earrings in our collections. Lesser quality earrings can cause allergies. Unfortunately, this is sometimes the case with silver. But the earrings in our range do not suffer from this, because they are made of the best material.

Giving gold earrings as a gift: a very good idea

Gold earrings are not only fun to wear yourself, but also to give as a gift. Gold earrings are usually given for a special occasion. For instance, gold women’s earrings are very nice to give to a bride at her wedding. Or maybe you can even give it before this special occasion, so she can wear it on her best day.

Different gold earrings with a special meaning

Gold earrings with a personal meaning, this because they are given during a special occasion. And sometimes they also recall the past, which is extra special. In addition, beautiful earrings made of gold often have cultural significance. Some cultures wear them as a symbol of their religion. They are connected to female energy and life force, which makes this pair of jewellery extra special.

Wear gold earrings whenever you want

Moreover, you can wear the gold earrings whenever you want, whether you go shopping or star in an evening party. Then you can enjoy a real ear party! With a fairly neutral outfit, such as a black dress, gold earrings add sparkle and shine. Are you wearing an outfit with a particular pattern? Then choose a pair of beautiful earrings to complement it and complete your look.

Handmade, authentic and high-quality

Gold earrings have been popular for centuries for good reason. They are beautiful, timeless and hardly ever go out of fashion. Moreover, you can choose from different styles, sizes and materials in our range. From earrings to studs: you will find several top-quality gold earrings in our collection. And that makes every woman happy!

We make this jewellery all by ourselves and like to take it to the next level. We do this by paying a lot of attention to quality and authenticity. We are a jewellery brand full of love where every customer is king. And of course you can choose from a wide range, ranging from earrings, gold studs, creoles and earrings.


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