Golden charms

Gold charms exude pure class. It is really no coincidence that people love to wear these accessories on their gold chain, beautiful bracelet or stylish pendant. Moreover, it is great fun that you can give it a personal touch by choosing a unique text or certain symbols. For instance, a four-leaf clover represents good luck.

Minitials Diamond Cross Charm


Minitials Lucky Leaf Charm


Minitials Mayfair Key Charm

From: 329,00

Minitials Victoria Key Charm

From: 289,00

Minitials Chelsea Key Charm

From: 309,00

Minitials Signature Disc Necklace


Minitials One Oblique Necklace


Minitials Two Oblique Necklace


Minitials Three Oblique Necklace


Minitials Connecting Dots Symbol Charm

From: 629,00

Minitials Connecting Dots Initial Charm

From: 289,00

Minitials Oblique XL Charm


Minitials Arrow Charm

From: 249,00

Minitials Feather Charm

From: 329,00

Minitials Angelwing Charm

From: 329,00

Minitials Cross Charm

From: 179,00

Minitials Heart Charm


Minitials Lucky Charm


Minitials Olive Branch Small Charm


Minitials Olive Branch Middle Charm


Minitials Olive Branch Large Charm


Minitials One Of A Kind Charm


Minitials Zodiac Charm


Minitials Extra Love Charm


Minitials Fingerprint Large Disc


Minitials Memory Lane Tag Charm


Minitials Open Tag Charm


Minitials Vertical Charm


Minitials Fingerprint Vertical Charm


Minitials Vertical Diamonds Charm


Minitials Vertical Edge Charm


Minitials Signature Initials Blend


Minitials Signature Diamonds


Minitials Benji Initials


Minitials Benji Zodiacs


Minitials Benji Symbols


Minitials Key To My Heart Symbols


Minitials Key To My Heart Initials


Minitials Key To My Heart Diamond


Minitials Oblique Initials


Minitials Oblique Symbols


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Experience the appeal of gold charms

A gold charm exerts a certain appeal. The material of gold almost always looks beautiful and shiny. As a result, you just keep looking at it. Our collection of charms consists of handmade gold charms of very high quality. And therefore you can enjoy them for years without any worries.

What makes a gold charm unique?

What is unique about gold is that it has virtually no corrosion and erosion. This means that a gold charm will never rust and always remain beautiful, and you will never suffer from discolouration because we always use 18-carat solid gold. So a piece of jewellery that really lasts for years. Do you choose a white gold charm? Then we rhodium-coated the ring to bring out the true white, which can wear off over time.

A gold charm: a wonderful gift for the young generation

Even 10, 20 or 50 years from now, a gold charm will still be very valuable. This is because it is a physical product made of gold, which holds its value. Charms are therefore a wonderful gift to give to the younger generation. You will probably conjure a big smile on someone’s face with beautiful bracelet charms.

The elegance of gold

Gold is quite rare and this almost immediately gives our charms a luxurious and exclusive touch. Also, the beautiful and rich colour of gold gives an air of richness and elegance. The charms match perfectly with different skin tones and make any outfit that little bit more elegant.

Matching gold pendants and other jewellery

A great advantage of the material gold is that it adds shine and elegance to almost any piece of jewellery. Thus, it fits perfectly with a gold pendant, necklace or bracelet. Moreover, you will find a beautiful and sparkling collection with a gold charm in various sizes, colours and shapes. Of course, what you choose is purely personal, but in any case, the range is wide.

Gold charms in all kinds of styles

One of the unique features of gold charms is that they match almost any kind of outfit. Whether you like chic or casual: there is something for almost everyone. We have a nice range of charms in different styles, ranging from hearts to diamond and gold animal charms. A bracelet with a charm consisting of golden hearts or animals, for example, goes well with a casual outfit.

Pure craftsmanship

In our Flagship store and webshop, you will find authentic jewellery of high quality. The gold charms are the perfect example of a jeweller’s craftsmanship and love of craftsmanship. The attention to detail makes each gold charm a work of art. Take a closer look and be amazed.

Handmade and unique gold charms

What is very special is that our gold charms are handmade. We spend a lot of time and attention to jewellery before we send your order. As a result, you always enjoy a unique gold charm that radiates pure beauty.

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