Getting charms made

You are unique. Your jewellery should reflect this. That is why we create our charms exactly according to your wishes. Have your fingerprint or handwritten message engraved, or incorporate symbols with a meaning for you into our charms.

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Incorporating your personal story into a piece of jewellery

Work a handwriting or other engraving beautifully into our Disc necklace. It can be engraved on one side. Do you prefer engraving your charms on both sides? Then our Sparkle Snake necklace is a good choice.

Symbols are beautifully incorporated in our Benji charms. Various symbols are available, but we also create customised charms and symbols. Please contact us for that!

Are you a fan of astrology? With our Constellation Charms, you will wear your zodiac sign to the world in an elegant way. It is also possible to incorporate your sign of the zodiac in a Signature charm.

Complete design freedom

Our jewellery can be made entirely according to your taste. Names or intials of your choice, but also fingerprints, handwritten texts or meaningful symbols are lovingly incorporated into your gold charms.

We also customise the base of the charms and jewellery. Choose between yellow gold, white gold or rose gold and let your preference in diamond colours (white, black or champagne) come to the fore.

Charms made in high quality

Your personalised charm is unique. Therefore, it is nice that you can wear it for years to come! Our goldsmiths therefore select only 18-carat solid gold for the charms.

Our goldsmiths make the charms by hand in the Netherlands and they are hallmarked by Waarborg Holland. Our artisans have an eye for detail and attention to quality in every charm. So you can feel free to have your charms made entirely according to your wishes!


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