Bracelet with initials

A bracelet with initials is a bracelet bearing one or more letters. These bracelets have been a very popular piece of jewellery for personalised bracelet lovers for years.

Perhaps you have already seen such a bracelet on a friend, colleague or family member, and immediately fell in love with the elegance and simplicity of these bracelets. Check out our extensive collection of bracelets with letters now and discover your perfect match.

Limited Edition: Minitials Mini Memory Lane Satin Bracelet


Minitials Signature Cuff Bracelet

From: 2.849,00

Minitials Lucky Leaf Satin Bracelet


Minitials Jubilee Bracelet


Minitials Baby Love Bracelet


Minitials Baby Poetry Bracelet


Minitials Two Pavé Round Satin Bracelet

From: 609,00

Minitials One Pavé Oval Initial Satin Bracelet

From: 509,00

Minitials One Signature Oval Satin Bracelet


Minitials Two Signature Round Satin Bracelet


Minitials Three Signature Round Satin Bracelet


Minitials One Fully Pavé Satin Bracelet


Minitials One Signature Chain Bracelet


Minitials Two Signature Chain Bracelet


Minitials Three Signature Chain Bracelet


Minitials One Signature Diamond Chain Bracelet


Minitials Two Signature Diamond Chain Bracelet


Minitials Three Signature Diamond Chain Bracelet


Minitials Exagoni Satin Bracelet


Minitials Tilt Satin Bracelet


Minitials Exagoni Chain Bracelet


Minitials One Benji Satin Bracelet


Minitials Two Benji Satin Bracelet


Minitials Three Benji Satin Bracelet


Minitials One Benji XL Satin Bracelet


Minitials Two Benji XL Satin Bracelet


Minitials One Benji Blocks Satin Bracelet


Minitials Two Benji Blocks Satin Bracelet


Minitials Starfish Satin Bracelet


Minitials One Blend Oval Satin Bracelet


Minitials One Signature One Blend Round Satin Bracelet


Minitials Two Signature One Blend Round Satin Bracelet


Minitials One Oval Signature Chain Bracelet


Minitials Two Round Signature Chain Bracelet


Minitials Three Round Signature Chain Bracelet


Minitials Two Signature Diamond Round Satin Bracelet


Minitials Small Disc Satin Bracelet


Minitials Small Disc Chain Bracelet


Minitials Middle Disc Satin Bracelet


Minitials Disc Signature Satin Bracelet


Minitials Disc Signature Chain Bracelet


Minitials One Blend Chain Bracelet


Minitials One Signature One Blend Chain Bracelet


Minitials Two Signature One Blend Chain Bracelet


Minitials Horizontal Edge Satin Bracelet


Minitials Oblique XL Satin Bracelet


Minitials Tricolore Satin Bracelet


Minitials Circle Of Love Diamonds Satin Bracelet


Minitials Circle Of Love Satin Bracelet


Minitials One Unity Satin Bracelet


Minitials Two Unity Satin Bracelet


Minitials Three Unity Satin Bracelet


Minitials Four Unity Satin Bracelet


Minitials Four Unity Leather Bracelet


Minitials Ash Jewellery One Unity Satin Bracelet


Minitials Memory Lane Bracelet


Minitials Sparkle Snake Bracelet


Minitials ÆON bracelet

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Minitials ÆON Bracelet Discodip


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What is a gold initial bracelet?

A gold initial bracelet is a piece of jewellery that allows you to add a personal touch to your look. The best thing about a personalised bracelet is that you can easily wear it with any style of clothing. You can complete even the quietest look by choosing this beautiful piece of jewellery.

Bracelets with initials

If you are looking for a personalised bracelet with letter or a bracelet with name, there are all kinds of options. For instance, you can choose a gold bracelet, a satin bracelet or a leather bracelet. Because the choices are very diverse, it is easy to find a nice personal bracelet for both young and old, man or woman.

When choosing a bracelet with initials, the initials of a dear person or of the wearer himself are an option that might appeal to you. If you choose the initials of others, think for example of the letters of children, grandchildren, your partner or other family members.

Would you like to surprise someone? Then give an initial bracelet to your mother, for example. Also check out the options for a special mother daughter bracelet.

The perfect gift and a real trend

Initial jewellery makes sure you always have your loved ones close to you. The bracelets with letters match almost every outfit. Whether you want to brighten up a simple outfit with an initial bracelet, or are looking for a nice addition to your party outfit. You can combine a letter bracelet with almost any outfit, making it truly everyday wearable.

You can of course choose to buy an initial bracelet for yourself, but you can also give it as a gift to someone else. It is a personalised gift that will make any man or woman happy.

Because the bracelet is suitable for both young and old, man and woman, it is a super nice gift to give away. You can personalise the bracelet and the recipient will fall in love with our women’s bracelets.

Letter bracelet: unique gift for young and old

The initial bracelet is suitable for young and old. Because of this, we also regularly see the initial bracelet, like the One Benji bracelet, being given to a baby after birth. Choose this bracelet if you would like to give a unique baby gift. If the children are a bit older, there is also plenty of choice of bracelets with initials.

Our bracelets are fully customisable, allowing you to create a unique piece of jewellery that perfectly suits the recipient. Looking for a bracelet for a child or a woman aged 65 and over? With the option to personalise, you can completely tailor the jewellery to the recipient’s individual needs and tastes.

Not only for children or babies is a bracelet with initials a great gift. In fact, the bracelet is also great for the adult recipient. How about a bracelet with letter of the children, grandchildren or a loved one. Or a letter bracelet for your best friend? Because the bracelets are perfectly personalisable, you can make your gift personal and unique.

Personalise your initials as you like

The best part is that you can personalise the bracelet with multiple letters exactly how you want. When you choose an initial bracelet, there are a huge number of possibilities. For instance, take a look at the Two Signature bracelet or Two Benji bracelet and create the perfect combination yourself. The many possibilities ensure that you can easily find the perfect bracelet that suits your personal wishes.

Did you know that you can also choose bracelets with gemstones or diamonds? This allows you to instantly give the bracelet a completely contemporary and personal look. And this makes buying initials extra special. If you are looking for a bracelet for men, you can for instance choose a simple design with a matte finish, giving it a tough and robust look.

A bracelet with a letter in remembrance

When you have lost someone, it can sometimes be very nice to wear a bracelet in remembrance. Sometimes a bracelet with ashes is chosen. If you prefer a personalised piece of jewellery without ashes, a bracelet with a letter is a nice substitute.

If you are looking for bracelets suitable for remembrance, a bracelet with a letter is highly recommended. Because you can fully personalise the bracelet, it is a beautiful piece of jewellery to commemorate your loved ones. Still looking for a bracelet with ash setting? Then press the link.

By choosing an initials bracelet with the initials of a deceased person, you carry the deceased always close to you. The bracelet sits close to the artery of your wrist, where you yourself feel your heart beating best. So it is also a nice idea to feel the initials of the deceased close to where you yourself feel your heart beats best.

When you choose an initials bracelet to commemorate a deceased person, you naturally want the perfect piece of jewellery. A piece of jewellery that suits the deceased, but also does justice to him or her. Because even if someone has passed away, love will always remain. That is why all our jewellery is of high quality and features a beautiful design.

Initials bracelets you want to keep wearing

If you are curious about the possibilities for a beautiful bracelet with letters, take a good look around our collection. We have a wide range of high-quality products. You will soon see that there are countless possibilities for yourself or for a loved one, so there is almost always a beautiful initials bracelet to suit your needs.


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