What is the difference between zirconia and diamonds?

When looking for gemstone jewelry, you often come across the words Zirconia and diamond. But what is the difference between Zirconia and diamonds? We explain. We also provide tips to help you choose between these gemstones.


Everyone is familiar with diamonds, but did you know that diamonds are the hardest material on earth? Diamonds are made from carbon that has been under enormous pressure for a long time. This pressure causes the carbon to crystallize.

Rough diamonds are already very rare, but you probably know diamonds in polished form. The cut creates all kinds of sharp edges that reflect light. The beautiful sparkles in diamond make it a very popular crystal worldwide. Real diamonds are very valuable.


Zirconia is less well known than diamond. It is an artificial stone, very similar in appearance to diamond. It is made of zirconium and zirconium oxide, which is melted at high temperature (up to 5000° degrees). The fused material is cooled and then ground into a shape to be incorporated into a piece of jewelry. Another name for zirconia is “cubic zirconia.

Zirconia is artificially manufactured in large numbers. So it is not rare. However, it is popular among artificial gemstones because it is cheaper than diamond while having a similar luster.

The difference between zirconia and diamonds

Zirconia and diamond are very similar. It is also quite difficult to tell the materials apart with the naked eye. For example, the luster of both stones is similar. Also, both materials are very hard.

Hard materials wear out less quickly, so both materials enjoy this advantage. Hardness is shown on a scale of 1 to 10, with zirconia scoring an 8.5. Diamond is the hardest natural material on earth. As such, it scores a 10 on the hardness scale. This ensures that diamonds are wear-resistant (even better than zirconia) and also last for years.

Artificial crystals are manufactured with care and therefore are actually always pure. There are no beauty flaws in it, which is often the case with natural gemstones. Each zirconia stone is therefore equal to the other, provided the same cut is used. Every diamond is unique because it is a natural product.

Colored zirconia vs. diamond

Both materials are available in different colors. Still, there is a difference between diamond and zirconia here as well. In fact, zirconia can be produced in any color.

Natural crystals are also available in different colors. This is just less controllable: it remains a natural product. So in terms of colors, zirconia offers more options at a lower price. Still, you won’t then enjoy the benefits of diamonds, as mentioned above.

The benefits of diamond

So there are advantages to zirconia, but in other areas diamond takes the crown. Diamond is the hardest natural crystal. This hardness ensures that the stone will hardly wear out. It is very rare and therefore worth a lot.

Another important advantage is that a diamond lasts much longer than zirconia. This is because zirconia wears out sooner, but also because it can be affected by chemicals. In addition, diamonds can also be sharper cut than zirconia, adding even more sparkle to your jewelry.

Gorgeous jewelry of the highest quality

Our jewelry is handmade by our artisan goldsmiths. All production takes place in the Netherlands. Our jewelry incorporates white (F-VS), black or champagne diamonds of your choice. You can also choose from different gemstones with some of the jewelry in our collections.

18 karat solid gold is the basis for all jewelry. This gold is stamped with a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland, assuring quality. This is how we create jewelry that you will enjoy for years to come.

What kind of jewellery with diamonds do we offer?

So at Minitals, we have different types of jewellery with diamonds. Below is an overview of the possibilities:

The choice of natural gemstones

The choice between zirconia or diamond is personal. We believe in the unique properties and beautiful appearance of natural gemstones. That’s why we incorporate only pure, natural gemstones into our jewelry.

You can choose from diamonds (white, black or champagne), for example, as well as amethyst, citrine, ruby, smoky quartz or green quartz.

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