What is rhodium plating?

In our jewelry, you regularly come across the word “rhodium plating. We are happy to explain the significance of gold rhodium plating and why we apply it to create your personal jewelry!

wat kost rhodineren

Rhodining: what is it?

We speak of rhodium plating when a thin layer of rhodium is applied over a piece of jewelry. Rhodium is a silver-white precious metal that gives gold jewelry a unique, shiny appearance.

The applied layer of rhodium is very thin: only a few thousand of a millimeter. The layer of rhodium hardens after it is applied.

Sometimes you come across the word “rhodium,” which has the same meaning as rhodium plating. The applied layer is called a rhodium coating.

You can rhodium-plated both gold and silver: any precious metal is suitable. Rhodium plating gold creates a beautiful white gold or rose color, which is very popular for jewelry.

Some people are allergic to rhodium. However, this is not very common.

Why is jewelry rhodium-plated?

Rhodium plating is necessary to create the color of white gold. So it’s all about the look of your jewelry. The underlying gold is not affected and retains its value.

Another advantage of rhodium plating is that this material does not oxidize, which silver, for example, does. Oxidation sometimes causes silver to turn black, thanks to oils on the skin and other dirt.

White gold has an appearance similar to silver, but therefore does not oxidize. So over time, the material remains beautiful! However, there is a chance that the rhodium layer will wear off and the underlying, yellow gold layer will show through. Read more about exactly what white gold is in our blog.

The hardness of rhodium is another advantage, as it is a relatively hard material. This hardness ensures that your jewelry will be extra sturdy and less scratched, for example. Also, a rhodium coating is slightly rougher. This makes a ring less likely to slip off your finger.

Rhodium coating retained

The layer of rhodium in your jewelry will wear off; this is a natural process. In that case, the underlying color of the yellow gold and palladium alloy comes out. To enjoy the unique color of white gold for as long as possible, you can take precautions to prevent wear and tear.

For example, you can choose to have only deeper areas (e.g. engravings) rhodium plated. This hardly wears out. We also recommend putting your jewelry in hot water once in a while. This will clean the jewelry again, benefiting the rhodium layer.

It is important not to add cleaning agents to this. Then you can let the jewelry dry by itself, or dry it with a soft cloth.

Does the underlying yellow gold color come out too much over time anyway? Then consider having the jewelry re-plated with rhodium for a small fee. In that case, we reapply the layer of rhodium and your jewelry will have a brand new look.

What does rhodium plating cost?

Are you buying white gold jewelry? Then the cost of rhodium plating is already calculated into the price. So you don’t have to pay separately to have your necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring from Minitials rhodium-plated for white gold.

It is possible that your jewelry will yellow in color over time due to wear. In that case, the rhodium-plated layer is worn away, and the underlying color of yellow gold comes out. This is a natural process.

We can re-rhodium your jewelry for a standard price of €45. For larger jewelry or more complex works, this price may vary.

If the yellow color already comes up within the warranty period, we will rhodium plating this gold for you at no charge. This is virtually non-existent in practice. The jewelry is made of high-quality materials so that you can wear it for as long as possible.

Craftsmanship from Minitials

All Minitials jewelry is handmade by our goldsmiths in the Netherlands. This process involves attention to detail, an eye for quality and a sense of beauty. Thanks to a rhodium device, the thin layer of rhodium is carefully applied to a base of 18 karat solid yellow gold.

We create personal jewelry with a story. For example, incorporate a fingerprint, handwritten message or meaningful symbol into a white gold ring or a pair of white gold earrings, and carry your loved ones with you forever.

Do you have personal preferences or special requests for your jewelry? We are always open to this and would love to see how we can make your jewelry so that your story is told perfectly.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities or make an appointment to stop by our Flagship store in Eindhoven.

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