How can you recognize real gold?

Recognizing real gold is a skill that has traditionally been of great importance. In fact, gold is known as a beautiful precious metal, with a very powerful appeal. This appeal is mainly due to the value, durability and beauty of the precious metal. These reasons ensure that there is a lot of gold jewelry available.

That powerful attraction causes fake gold to circulate. Fortunately, there are some good methods and techniques by which you can recognize real gold yourself.

hoe kun je echt goud herkennen?

Hallmarks and stamps

Real gold is basically always marked with stamps and hallmarks. These stamps and hallmarks indicate the purity of the gold. For example, the stamp “24K” stands for 24 carats. The latter is the highest content of pure gold available.

Other stamps used are “18K” (18 karat), “14K” (14 karat) and “9K” (9 karat). These stamps clarify the amount of pure gold present in the alloy of gold.

In addition, there are special labels that are also called gold brands:

  • 375: This seal represents a purity of 37.5%. This is also known as equivalent to 9 karat gold.
  • 585: This hallmark means that the gold content is 58.5%, which is equivalent to 14 karat gold.
  • 750: This seal indicates 75% gold, equivalent to 18 karat gold.
  • 916: This hallmark indicates that the gold is 91.6% pure, equivalent to 22 carats of gold.
  • 999: This hallmark indicates pure gold, this is also called fine gold.

Gloss and color

Real gold has a characteristic and bright yellow color. This particular color is very difficult to imitate. Moreover, gold also features an intense luster. Fake gold or gold-plated items can lose this luster within a short time. Because of this, you notice very quickly that you are not in possession of real gold.

Density of gold

The precious metal gold has a higher density than the other precious metals. You can easily test this density by comparing the weight of gold to the same volume of water.

If the gold is heavier than the water and thus displaces it, there is a very good chance that it is real gold. Still, this method is a lot less accurate than the other methods. We always recommend having gold tested by a professional and not doing it yourself.

Magnetic test

Gold is a non-magnetic precious metal. So if you hold a magnet against the gold, it should have no magnetic attraction. If the magnet does not magnetize against the gold, then chances are you are dealing with real gold.

However, this is not a 100% guarantee because there are other precious metals that do not react to magnetic fields. Consider metals such as platinum that are also non-magnetic. We always recommend having gold tested by a professional and not doing it yourself.

The wear test

The precious metal gold is a relatively soft metal. Because it is a soft metal, it shows signs of wear over time. If you want to know if the gold is real, you can try a small scratch in an inconspicuous spot.

If gold foil or any other color comes out from under it, you know something is wrong. This test is certainly reliable, but of course not directly recommended on your valuable jewelry.

Compare gold with other gold

Do you have a piece of jewelry in your home that you are assured of the authenticity of the gold? In this case, you can choose to compare the two pieces of gold. You can put the two pieces of gold side by side and compare them for color, luster and other characteristics.

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Have the gold looked at by a professional

If you really want to be sure about the authenticity of your gold, it’s best to opt for a professional appraisal. You can have this assessment done by a jeweler, goldsmith or precious metal expert. We highly recommend always having this checked if a nickel allergy is suspected.

Professionals have the right experience and tools, allowing them to perform accurate tests. After conducting the test, the specialists can give you a final opinion on the authenticity and value of your gold.

How accurate are the tests?

It is important to note that not all of the above tests are equally accurate. These aforementioned tests are often very useful for an initial indication, but not for a definitive final judgment.

Indeed, professionals have advanced methods and instruments available, such as spectroscopy and X-ray fluorescence, which can provide more accurate results.

Finally, it is important to purchase gold only from reputable and reliable sources. Moreover, you can always ask for a certification or authenticity guarantee from reliable sources.

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