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Are you looking for an alternative to wedding rings? Our personalized jewelry is great for symbolizing your connection.

Minitials goldsmiths work the finest details into gold, such as your wedding date, names or intials or even each other’s fingerprints. This is how we create jewelry that celebrates your love, as an alternative to a wedding ring! Get inspired on our website for example necklaces, bracelets, earrings or charms.

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5 x an alternative to wedding rings

Wedding rings are tradition. Nowadays, more and more people are abandoning such traditions, for example, because they feel the traditions do not suit themselves or their partner. Or just because they don’t like it, or don’t like wearing rings. Whatever your reason, there are all kinds of alternatives to wedding rings.

Originally, the wedding ring is a piece of jewelry you use to celebrate your connection, just like with the engagement ring. It is still nice to immortalize your bond in a piece of jewelry, but of course this does not have to be a ring. How about unique necklaces with each other’s initials on them? Or bracelets on which you incorporate a handwritten message from each other? The possibilities are endless. Here are 5 wedding ring alternatives for inspiration.

1. A wedding ring on a chain

Don’t like wearing rings, but still want a classic wedding band? Then consider wearing a wedding ring on a necklace. Thus, you can traditionally put a ring on each other during the ceremony. Afterwards, wear the jewelry as a necklace. It is a creative solution that allows you to avoid wearing the wedding ring on your ring finger, but allows you to wear the ring close to you at all times!

2. A wedding necklace with fingerprints

Nothing is more personal than a fingerprint. As a result, a necklace, bracelet or charm with each other’s fingerprints has a special, emotional charge. Therefore, it is a unique wedding ring alternative. With fingerprint jewelry, you always carry a part of your loved one with you.

Fingerprints can be incorporated into necklaces, bracelets and charms, for example, as well as earrings. Do you have specific needs? Please indicate it above all. Our goldsmiths make each piece of jewelry by hand, allowing us to incorporate the finest details. This is how we create wedding jewelry that is just right for you!

3. A special bracelet for each other

Another alternative to a wedding band is a bracelet. With a personalized bracelet, you still carry each other close without having to wear a ring.

It is extra special to personalize the bracelet. Have a handwritten message engraved for each other, incorporate each other’s initials or engrave the wedding date in gold for unique bracelets that are just right for you.

Another advantage of bracelets as wedding jewelry, is that they do not have to be exactly the same. You can choose a different design for the woman as for the man, giving them both a piece of jewelry that suits their personal style. With similar engraving or processed symbols/initials, there is still unity in the jewelry!

4. A memorial ornament with a tangible memory

You can also choose memorial jewelry as an alternative to wedding rings. Memorial jewelry includes necklaces or bracelets that contain a small chamber. In this small room you can put materials, which you then always carry close to you. For example, you can collect some sand from a beach where you have a special memory. This way you make the memory tangible and you can always carry it with you.

You can be very creative with such a memorial ornament. For example, incorporate a lock of each other’s hair, a beautiful (small) stone from a special location or a dried flower from a bouquet you received. As long as the material is small enough and has a unique meaning to you, it is suitable for a memorial ornament!

Unsure about the possibilities or have a special idea? Please contact us, we would be happy to discuss your needs and see how we can make them a reality.

5. Gemstones with meaning

Gemstones are another alternative to wedding rings. Gemstones are wonderful to incorporate into necklaces, earrings or bracelets, for example. That way you always carry the special meaning close to you. But you can also give individual gemstones as gifts to each other.

Gemstones are precious and all have meaning. You can link the meaning to wishes for your relationship or wishes for your future.

Below are several gemstones with meanings that may be appropriate for marriage or your relationship:

  • Aventurine: sustaining goals, making dreams come true;
  • Amber: fervor and cheerfulness;
  • Diamond: everlasting fidelity;
  • Rose quartz: the gemstone of love and the heart;
  • Aquamarine: for a happy married life;
  • Jade: for happiness;
  • Emerald: for openness and sincerity;
  • Citrine: for joy, abundance and creativity;
  • Green quarter: for patience and empathy;
  • Smoky quartz: to overcome stress and difficult situations;
  • Ruby: for abundance.

Alternative wedding rings

Would you like to wear wedding rings, but are not a fan of classic designs? Then choose an alternative wedding band with a unique design. Our Exagoni rings have a special hexagonal shape. The disc has room for as many as four initials or symbols, giving you free space for your personal story.

Other unique designs can be found, for example, in our Jubilee collection. The jubilee ring features a large cabochon gemstone surrounded by small, pavé-set diamonds or gemstones. Thanks to the many

Engagement ring alternative

In addition to wedding rings, you can also choose an alternative to engagement rings. Engagement rings are normally worn only until the wedding, after which they are replaced with a wedding band. By choosing an alternative such as a necklace or a bracelet, you will have not one but two pieces of jewelry to celebrate your love after the wedding. Extra special, then!

Note that an alternative to an engagement ring also means asking your future partner to marry you without a ring. Keep that in mind! The traditional moment in which the man (or woman) kneels is thus given a somewhat different meaning. Make sure your expectations for this are aligned.

Is a wedding ring mandatory?

A wedding ring is certainly not mandatory. Wedding rings are a tradition at weddings, though. It is up to you how much value you place on this tradition. If you prefer an alternative to a wedding ring, no one will stop you. It’s about your wedding, of course, so it’s especially important that the wedding jewelry (if any) suits you!

Do keep in mind the so-called nickel allergy when choosing your wedding jewelry. Jewelry with a low-carat precious metal is often made with a lot of nickel, which can lead to unpleasant allergic reactions or related symptoms in some people.

The finest details processed by hand

Wedding jewelry is perhaps the most special and personal jewelry you will purchase in your lifetime. Therefore, it is important that they fully meet your needs. The jewelry should suit both you and your partner.

Our goldsmiths make each piece of jewelry by hand. Wedding jewelry thus gets all the attention it deserves. We go far to make your wishes come true. Personal symbols, handwritten messages or fingerprints: all our jewelry tells a story.

Would you like to incorporate your love into gold in a special way? Get inspired on our website or social media, or discuss your needs with our professionals. Thus, we create an alternative to a wedding ring that symbolizes your love.

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