Charms with letters

Charms with letters are elegant and subtle. This makes them ideal for adding a personal touch to bracelets, necklaces or rings.

Thanks to letter charms, you can incorporate any name or initials you like into a piece of jewellery. For example, wear the names of your children close to your heart in a necklace, or choose initials of a (lost) loved one on your wrist with a bracelet of your choice. This way, you create meaningful jewellery that you will enjoy for years to come.

Minitials Lucky Leaf Charm


Minitials Mayfair Key Charm

From: 329,00

Minitials Victoria Key Charm

From: 289,00

Minitials Chelsea Key Charm

From: 309,00

Minitials One Oblique Necklace


Minitials Two Oblique Necklace


Minitials Three Oblique Necklace


Minitials One Key To My Heart Necklace


Minitials Two Key To My Heart Necklace


Minitials Three Key To My Heart Necklace


Minitials Connecting Dots Initial Charm

From: 289,00

Minitials Oblique XL Charm


Minitials Olive Branch Small Charm


Minitials Olive Branch Middle Charm


Minitials Olive Branch Large Charm


Minitials Extra Love Charm


Minitials Vertical Charm


Minitials Vertical Edge Charm


Minitials Signature Initials Blend


Minitials Benji Initials


Minitials Key To My Heart Initials


Minitials Oblique Initials


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Your story in gold

Whether it is your own name, or initials of a loved one: letter charms allow you to create beautiful jewellery with your personal story.

Our Signature collection features charms with letters of an elegant size. The height of the initial charms is approximately 5 mm. Chains with these charms therefore remain very subtle and combine well with other, longer necklaces. These letter pendants are also available in bracelets and rings.

You have complete design freedom with our Memory Lane Tag Charm. This charm measures 28 mm by 15 mm and can be engraved on both sides. Combine desired letters with full names or a fingerprint of your choice. It is also possible to have a handwritten text engraved.

Charms with initials for every style

If you are looking for charms with letters and diamonds, the charms from the Connecting Dots collection are for you. The letters in the charms are formed by a variety of diamonds encased and connected with gold. The pendants contain 4 to 11 diamonds, depending on the chosen letter. The charms are available in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

Do you like more of a statement piece? Our Oblique XL charms are 5 to 7 mm wide and 15 mm high. This is a slightly larger size, which makes the letter charms stand out. The charms are sandblasted with a glossy or matt top layer. Because the letters are attached to the charms at an angle, necklaces with these charms are very playful.

Our Victoria Key charmis another eye-catching charm in the shape of a key. A letter is incorporated at the top of the key, allowing you to wear the initials of loved ones close to your heart. The keys are available in three sizes, allowing you to follow your own taste in this too.

Letter charms with a gold hallmark

Our goldsmiths are skilled craftsmen with an eye for detail. To ensure that your letter charms will shine for a long time to come, they only use materials of the highest quality,

18-carat solid gold is the basis for all our jewellery. This has received a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland, which means that the initial charms meet the official Dutch gold values.

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