Golden hearts charm

If you are looking for a personalised piece of jewellery to personalise with charms, gold hearts are a popular choice. A gold heart pendant can be a romantic way to show your affection to a loved one. Often bought with someone special in mind, these pendants are associated with precious memories and emotions.

With our selection of gold heart charms, you can create a unique and meaningful piece of jewellery that perfectly suits your style and personality. Explore our collection and find the perfect heart charm to share your special message.

Minitials Heart Charm


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A loving piece of jewellery that looks beautiful on you

When you choose a heart pendant, you have several styles to choose from. The most popular choice is the gold heart pendant. The gold heart pendant can additionally feature sparkling diamonds or other beautiful additions.

The gold heart pendants are suitable for bracelets, necklaces and earrings alike and are sure to look stunning.

Gold heart pendants: a wonderful gift

Are you looking for a great gift made of gold? In this case, a gold heart pendant is a very nice choice. You could have it engraved to surprise your loved one with.

It has a special meaning and is a romantic way to show your love. And, not least, all our jewellery is made with love!

A surprise with a beautiful meaning

Although a golden heart is a very special gift to give, it is also a great gift for yourself. By surprising yourself with a heart pendant, you will carry your loved ones with you always from now on.

For example, do you have children or grandchildren? Then choose a heart pendant for each child, for example. Or maybe a heart pendant will suit you perfectly. That way, you will always carry your loved one with you.

Choose a unique touch with a golden heart pendant

Heart pendants are a great way to personalise your own jewellery. You can make a piece of jewellery unique in an instant. Or as they say so nicely: ‘one of a kind’. Go for a unique piece of jewellery that suits your wishes. Moreover, you can choose from jewellery in all shapes and sizes.

Would you like something other than gold heart pendants, for example? In our collection, you will also find other types of charms known for their beautiful design and great quality.

The wide choice of pendants also ensures that everyone can choose a unique heart. Of course, not everyone has the same taste. And they don’t have to, because variety is beautiful and it makes a heart pendant extra special!

A heart in all shapes and colours

Are you looking for cute pendants for your matching necklace or other piece of jewellery? You certainly have no shortage of choice. From gold heart pendants to diamond or heart charms with a minimalist look: there is something for everyone.

Want to give your loved one the surprise of a lifetime? Then we have good news for you: on our website, you may find the golden heart of your dreams.

Thereby, you can choose from different sizes, because the jewellery should of course fit perfectly.


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