What is ring stacking?

Ring stacking, do you know it already? On this page we explain what it is, and give tips on how to combine the most beautiful rings for a ring stack. This way you wear multiple rings on one hand in a stylish way!

Minitials’ rings are extra special for ring stacking because you can personalize them. Each ring tells its own story, thanks to the possibility of adding an engraving to your rings of initials or a symbol, for example. This is how your jewelry becomes truly personal.

wat is ring stacking

What does ring stacking mean?

Ring stacking is about combining rings. Instead of choosing one ring, ring stacking allows you to wear all your favorite rings at the same time. This gives a playful and youthful look!

There are no rules for ring stacking, you can combine your rings however you like. Rings with stones or engravings: with a little creativity you can create the most beautiful looks.

Choose different structures

Another tip for a ring stack is to combine different textures. For example, choose a ring with a shiny finish and combine it with some rings with a matte finish. This results in a cool effect! Also, rings with a pattern or texture in the band are nice to combine with smooth ones.

Combining statement pieces with minimalist rings

For a unique look, you can also wear several minimalist rings and complement this with one statement piece. This makes all the attention go to the statement ring!

The other rings complement the striking ring, again creating a nice effect. As you can see, the possibilities are endless for wearing multiple rings on one hand.

How many rings do you choose?

How many rings you wear greatly affects the look. Do you opt for 3 or 4 rings divided between two hands, or do you want to wear as many as 5 on one hand? The choice in this is yours. There is no right or wrong in combining multiple rings. As long as you like it yourself!

Personalized rings

Ring stacking becomes extra fun when you wear your own designed rings. Our Minitials rings can be fully personalized to suit you and your style. Incorporate initials, names, fingerprints and more. Curious? Check out our fingerprint rings, rings with a name or rings with a letter. This way you can carry your loved ones and special moments with you forever!

Our goldsmiths make each ring by hand, allowing them to incorporate the finest details for you. How about a special date engraved in your ring? Or a symbol with meaning? Let your creativity run wild, and soon wear multiple rings on one hand, each with its own story.

Are you looking for inspiration? We share the best Minitials stories through our website and social media. So you can see what others incorporated into gold to carry their children, parents or partners close to them forever.

Especially for ring stacking: nesting rings from Minitials

With our nesting rings, we go one step further in terms of ring stacking. In fact, you add the nesting rings to your normal ring: the rings fit together seamlessly. This means you extend the original ring with, in this case, a pavé set ring.

You can choose one nesting ring, or decorate the original ring on both sides with two nesting rings. Our nesting rings are available for hexagonal Exagoni rings and for round Æon rings.

Entangle rings: even more possibilities

Our Entangle rings are specially made for ring stacking. In fact, they slide right into each other. The unique design of these rings allows you to wear multiple rings together on one finger.

The rings contain a letter or symbol, with the gold band attached higher on one side than the other.

Create a unique ring stack with Minitials

Were you inspired by these tips on ring stacking? Then discover now the beautiful collection of rings by Minitials, the Dutch jewelry brand that stands for quality, elegance and personality.

You can order the rings online through the webshop, or stop by the Flagship Store in Eindhoven to admire them in person. What are you waiting for? Create your own unique ring stack with Minitials!

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