Bringing jewelry on vacation

When you go on vacation, you often take your best outfits and jewelry with you. That way you can look beautiful! But taking jewelry on a trip is far from easy.

Necklaces get tangled, earrings get stuck together and so on. Therefore, here we list some tips for taking your jewelry with you on your travels worry-free. Well done for the vacations!

Taking jewelry on vacation, how do you do it?

When you go on vacation, it’s nice not to bring too much stuff. We also recommend this with jewelry: look critically at what jewelry you do and do not bring. Force yourself to make choices!

Can’t decide or don’t quite know how best to transport jewelry? Then we have 4 additional tips for taking jewelry on vacation:

1. Provide a jewelry box

The best tip for taking jewelry on a trip is to arrange a jewelry box or bag. This is a box in a small size where you can easily store your jewelry.

Often these bags have a soft interior or “pads” that protect the contents. This comes in handy when the jewelry box ends up in your checked luggage, for example.

Of course, you can also use Minitials‘ box, especially with our necklaces we recommend this because they can get tangled quickly.

No more box? You can find all kinds of handy and small jewelry boxes online. Don’t have this in your home yet? A pillbox can also work well for this. We do recommend putting a soft fabric or cloth in here so that your jewelry is also somewhat protected.

2. Get jewelry that you can combine

When packing, also think carefully about the combination of your jewelry. In fact, when all the jewelry you bring matches nicely, you can still create many different looks with less jewelry. That’s efficient!

An easy way to make sure is to choose one color of jewelry. For example, go for only white gold jewelry or only gold jewelry. After all, this way you can be sure that every earring, necklace and bracelet will look great together!

If you enjoy combining between different colors, this tip may not be as applicable. Then look for necklaces or earrings that you can combine nicely with your other jewelry.

3. Wrap your necklaces in straws

This tip sounds very unusual, but it also works extremely well. When you travel, you can thread your necklaces piece by piece into a straw.

The straws keep the chains from sticking together, thus preventing knots. These do not have to be plastic straws: stainless steel straws also work well for this.

4. Wrap watches around clothing or a towel

The easiest way to take a watch on a trip is to wear it on your wrist. Still, sometimes a watch needs to be transported in a suitcase or bag.

There’s a handy tip for that, too: roll up a T-shirt or towel and put the watch on around this. The watch will stay firmly in place!

Your favorite piece of jewelry with you or not?

This is a difficult consideration. Not every type of travel is suitable for taking expensive jewelry. Also, there is always a chance of losing your jewelry when you wear it. One bright spot is that you can lose your jewelry at home just as quickly. So you don’t have to stop there!

Your favorite necklace or earrings are favorites for a reason. They look beautiful, are just your taste or wear very nicely. Therefore, it is also a waste to leave it at home: after all, you can enjoy it on vacation as well.

Minitials’ jewelry

Our jewelry tells your personal story. We lovingly process a fingerprint or symbol for you in gold, so you can carry your loved ones with you always. We are also happy to immortalize handwritten messages, names and initials or your personal wishes in gold for you.

These are jewelry with an emotional value. So we totally get it that you want to take this jewelry with you on vacation! Hope you can put our tips to good use on your next trip.

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