Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show the fathers in our lives how much they mean to us. Minitials offers a unique collection of jewellery that is not only stylish, but also adds a personal touch. Are you looking for the perfect gift to make Father’s Day 2024 special? Discover the top 5 Father’s Day gifts from Minitials. With a beautiful selection of personalised jewellery, every father will feel loved and appreciated on this special day. Here’s our top 5:

  1. Minitials Tilt Satin Bracelet

We start the top five with the Minitials Tilt Satin Bracelet. With the Minitials Tilt satin bracelet, fathers always carry their children or loved one close by. Inspired by fathers, who guide you straight through life but often add that extra bit of fun with their goofiness. The jewellery has a cool square shape that is worn tilted on the wrist for a stylish look. You choose up to 4 characters and the colour satin cord to make each piece of jewellery a unique personalised piece.

  1. Minitials Man Mesh Necklace

The Mesh necklace is a beautiful and sophisticated piece that completes any outfit. This necklace has a unique texture that is both subtle and eye-catching. The Mesh necklace is beautiful as a stand-alone piece but can also be combined with various Minitials charms.

  1. Minitials Man Two Benji Satin Bracelet

Our all-time favourite and inspired by the ‘Benjamin’ of the Minitials family: the Minitials One Benji bracelet. Often copied but never equalled with its beautiful round design. The Benji bracelet combines a robust design with a personal touch. This bracelet is perfect for men who love a rugged yet sophisticated style. The Benji bracelet can be personalised with an initial, constellation, symbol or number, making it a unique and treasured accessory.

  1. Minitials Man Memory Lane Tag

The Minitials Memory Lane Tag charm is the perfect charm to add to the Minitials Man Mesh necklace. The charm can be personalised entirely to your liking. The memory lane tag, can be engraved on two sides,with your personal message. Think of a handwritten text, your favorite poem or quote, your loved ones initials, a drawing of your child or how about fingerprints of the ones you have loved and lost.

  1. Minitials Man Benji XL Satin Bracelet

Inspired by the ‘Benjamin’ of the Minitials family: The Benji XL. We also call this bracelet the big brother of the Minitials Benji satin bracelet. For the fathers who like bigger and bolder. Our Benji XL are personalised to your wishes.
Compose your own Benji XL by choosing the initials, symbols, numbers or zodiacs of your loved one. 

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