My ‘tattoos in gold’!

Eveliene tells; My mother used to say “you’re just like a magpie” when she saw me busy with my jewellery box, which contained rings, earrings and watches. As a little girl, I already enjoyed everything that sparkled and always felt naked without jewellery. The collection slowly expanded over the years and I alternated between everything.

After my divorce, I had to miss my sons regularly. They took turns being with their father and with me. I thought about a way I could carry them close to me. A tattoo? No, that wasn’t really my thing. I ended up at Minitials and the Large Disc Necklace with fingerprints immediately caught my eye. This necklace became the beginning of my ‘tattoos in gold’, because I never took it off.

I found love again and moved to my boyfriend’s hometown, I saw my parents (my pillar of support in good and bad times) less often than before. Because I also wanted to carry my parents close to me, I had the Memory Lane Bracelet made with their fingerprints on the front and a handwritten text on the back. How beautiful this was! Always close to me, even when they were not with me.

Last year, love gave us a beautiful son. My third son named Duq. I love authenticity and originality. He was given a special name. And a unique birth card, which I designed myself. We were in love, with him and with our family! I would capture this energy, because everything was right and fell into place! I wanted to carry this overwhelming love with me, just as I had carried him in my belly for nine months.

To capture this special occasion, I chose the Memory Lane Tag with a piece of the birth card I designed. This way it will bring back the feeling of this special moment. When Duq is one year old, his fingerprint will be engraved on the back.  This will complete the Memory Lane Tag.

How beautiful it is to carry so much love with me, forever and ever! My ‘tattoos in gold’!


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