Love and Friendship

The date 4 January 2023 is a date Niëlle will not easily forget. On this day, Niëlle was surprised by her boyfriend Joost. Niëlle says: “We were on holiday in Ireland. Only rain for two days but on day three it was dry. My friend suggested we go to the Kerry Cliffs”. Early in the morning, Niëlle and her boyfriend drove to this special place. Niëlle continues, “Soon we realised that there were no other people there, just the two of us”.

The Kerr Cliffs were beautiful. The waves gushed up against the rocks. Niëlle and Joost took dozens of photos here. Niëlle continues, “Joost suggested we take a picture of the two of us. He tried putting the camera on a rock, only he couldn’t get us in the picture properly. “Never mind” said Joost and we quietly walked on again”.

Moments later, Joost found a new stone. Attempt two to make a picture. Niëlle says: “Joost was a bit nervous all the time so I slowly got an idea”. The camera stays right this time and Niëlle and Joost are in the picture. Nielle continues, “Joost ran back for the photo and gave a kiss on my cheek and then there was the moment. He got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. My first reaction was: OMG, you got the ring at Minitials and then of course: YAAAA I want!”

The ring has a double meaning for Niëlle. Niëlle says: “Joost picked the ring at Minitials because one of my best friends (Inge) works here. Secretly, I hoped Joost would ask me to marry him with a ring from Minitials. Inge also said the same for fun once. Together, they picked out the perfect ring: The Signature Ring with Twisted Band. The ring with the heart symbol fit the proposal and me perfectly. I am so happy with Joost’s choice. The ring now has multiple meanings, not only love but also friendship”.

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