How do you easily put on a bracelet yourself?

Putting on a bracelet yourself can be quite tricky. There are several ways to put a bracelet on yourself. With a little dexterity, it works without tools, but you can also use a paper clip or safety pin for it. We are happy to explain to you how to put on a bracelet yourself using some tips and tricks!

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hoe doe je zelf een armband om?

This is how to put on a bracelet yourself

You can put a bracelet on yourself without any tools. To do this, grasp your bracelet with the hand you are writing with. In this example, we will assume your right hand for a moment and will attach the bracelet to your left wrist.

  1. Hold the bracelet with one hand, by holding your thumb under the clasp and your index finger already resting on the opening of the clasp. If all goes well, you can now open and close the lock with one hand. Test briefly if this works before moving on to the next step.
  2. Next, lift your bracelet over your left wrist, with the clasp on the right. Rest the bracelet on your left wrist. You can also clamp it by holding your hand to your chest if necessary. This keeps the bracelet in place.
  3. Now pass the clasp of the bracelet under your left wrist while keeping the bracelet in place. Bring the clasp to the left side of your left hand, close to the clasp.
  4. Open the clasp and attach it to one of the rounds of the bracelet.

And voila! You have now put on your bracelet without help. You probably need to practice this a few times before you get the hang of it completely, but after that you can put your bracelet on yourself. Also watch our handy video below:

Bracelet to put on yourself with a paper clip

Another way to put your bracelet on is with a paper clip. You attach this paper clip to the rounds of the links you attach the bracelet to. Thanks to the paper clip, the clasp stays in place, making it easy for you to attach the clasp in the right place.

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Bracelet to put on yourself with a safety pin

You can also put a bracelet on yourself with a safety pin. This method actually works the same as the paperclip method. The safety pin holds the clasp in place, allowing you to easily attach the clasp yourself.

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