Bracelet size measurement

Measuring your bracelet size is important when you have your eye on a beautiful bracelet. This is because by providing the correct size, you can be sure that the bracelet will fit the way you like it.

So you can enjoy wearing your personal bracelet with story! Therefore, we would like to tell you how to measure your bracelet size.

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How do you measure your bracelet size?

You can measure the size of your bracelet in several ways. The easiest method is to choose a bracelet you already have that fits just right. Next, grab a tape measure and measure the length of the bracelet carefully.

It’s helpful to write down this format so you don’t forget. You can also specify here at what length any adjusting eyelets are. Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose the location of the adjustable eyelets yourself at Minitials.

Another way to measure your bracelet is to measure the circumference of your wrist. To do this, grab a tape measure and place it tightly around your wrist. The best place to measure this is just above the lump in your wrist.

When tight, you can read the size. This is the minimum length your bracelet needs, we recommend adding a few inches (see size chart below).

Don’t have a tape measure at home? Then you can measure the size of your bracelet by wrapping a piece of string or cloth around your wrist. Mark the string and measure afterwards using a ruler.

Measure your wrist or arm where you want the bracelet to be worn. When you measure this higher or lower on your arm, the length varies and your bracelet may end up lower than intended.

Note: the circumference of your wrist is not always your bracelet size

This depends on your preference for how tight the bracelet is on your wrist. If you take your wrist size as your bracelet size, your bracelet will be very tight and stay in place. Usually it is more comfortable and looks nicer when the bracelet is just a little wider, and therefore hangs a little looser around the wrist.

The following measurements are a guideline for a good bracelet size:

Type of bracelet Bracelet size
Tight bracelet The circumference of your wrist + 1.5 cm
Normal bracelet The circumference of your wrist + 2 cm
Loose bracelet The circumference of your wrist + 3 cm

The sizes of Minitials bracelets

The sizes of our gold bracelets are clearly described in the product description. Find the length of the bracelet here. Most gold bracelets in our collections are a standard size, fitted with adjustment eyelets.

The adjustment eyelets allow you to wear the bracelet a little tighter or looser as desired. This way we ensure that the bracelets will almost always fit!

When you order loose satin cords, to replace the cord of a satin bracelet, you can tie the bracelet to the right size yourself.

You are of course also welcome to drop by our Flagship store in Eindhoven. Then we will make sure your satin bracelet is knotted in the right size. How nice!

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