Fathers’ Day 2023

Father’s Day is a day when we put an extra spotlight on our fathers. And if there is one thing many fathers have in common, it is their desire to protect, guide and support their children in their lives. A father plays an important role in a child’s life and is the helping hand who is always there for them.

“My dad picks me up when I fall and strokes my face when I go to sleep. He lifts me up, flies me through the air but always catches me with his big hands” – Benjamin

Your father’s helping hand is a symbol of protection, strength, love and support. Your father holds your hand, reassures you and makes you feel like you are never alone. They are always there to support and encourage their children to reach their full potential.

Fathers are always willing to lend a hand; from fixing a bike to building a tree house. They are always there for their children. Fathers work hard and make many sacrifices to support their families and make sacrifices so that their children get the best opportunities. They have unconditional love for their children and carry them on their hands.

Whether it is holding, taking by the hand, lending a hand or carrying on their hands, our fathers deserve all the love and appreciation we can give them. With a personalised piece of jewellery from Minitials, fathers always carry their children or loved ones close by. Surprise your father or loved one on 18 June!

New: Minitials Man Tilt Satin Bracelet

With the new Minitials Tilt satin bracelet, fathers always carry their children or loved one close by. Inspired by fathers, who guide you straight through life but often add that extra bit of fun with their goofiness. The jewellery has a cool square shape that is worn tilted on the wrist for a stylish look. You choose up to 4 characters and the colour satin cord to make each piece of jewellery a unique personalised piece.

Delivery times

Keep an eye on the delivery time of the different products and we will ship your jewellery in time for Father’s Day:

Order by Monday 12 June before 09.00 am at the latest*:

  • Man Horizontal edge satin bracelet
  • Man Unity bracelet
  • Man Tilt satin bracelet
  • Man Benji XL satin bracelet
  • Man Benji Block satin bracelet
  • Man Memory Lane leather bracelet
  • Man Vertical Edge charm

Order by Friday 16 June before 09.00 at the latest*:

  • Man Memory lane bracelet 
  • Man Oval One Signature satin bracelet
  • Man Benji satin bracelet
  • Man Vertical charm
  • Man Memory lane tag charm
  • Man Large Coin charm

*Final order date with fingerprint is 9 June at 09.00.


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