Build your own ring

With the new Build Your Own collection from Minitials you can put together your favorite ring or set of rings. Minitials is all about love, with our subtle and stylish…

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Made with love

For the sweetest mom with a heart of gold, a listening ear and who is always there for us: Thank you for everything you do! It's time to honor our…

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Animal ashes jewellery

Pets hold a special place in our hearts. These animals are there for us every day as support and are part of a family. The loss of a pet or…

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Memorial jewellery with fingerprint

A fingerprint is unique to each person and remains unchanged throughout our lives. A fingerprint memorial jewellery is therefore a beautiful and personal way to honor your lost loved one…

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Memorial jewellery with engraving

Minitials memorial jewelry offers a beautiful and meaningful way to keep your lost loved one close to your heart forever. Make your memorial jewellery personal by adding an engraving to…

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Ashes jewellery

The loss of a loved one is a very difficult and emotional time - there is no loss without love. The Minitials jewellery is specially designed to support the grieving…

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Christmas 2021

At its core, a key is the opener of locks. To a door, to a treasure chest or to our hearts. The key lets us into other worlds. They symbolize…

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Ten year anniversary

“The one I love Around my neck And near my heart From this day on We will never be apart…” After weeks of brainstorming sessions and preparatory work at the…

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Father’s Day

You are the one that teaches us to value ourselves. A guiding light that shows us the way. Your heart is my shelter and your arms are my home. Lifting…

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A loving memory

Memorial means something different to everyone. The most important thing about a memorial jewellery is to keep the memory of our loved ones alive. As a bereaved, you always carry…

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Birth jewellery

Family has been at the heart of Minitials for 10 years. Marshia and Marloes founded Minitials in 2011 to always carry their children close to their hearts. With Minitials birth…

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