Fathers’ Day 2023

Father's Day is a day when we put an extra spotlight on our fathers. And if there is one thing many fathers have in common, it is their desire to…

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The Strength of Motherhood

Motherhood as a talisman - an enchanting force that transforms a woman's life the moment she becomes a mother. An unconditional love that is strengthened by courage and resilience. The…

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Galaxy Collection

The new Galaxy earrings collection from Minitials is like a perfect storm, you will be enchanted by the beautiful shapes in our galaxy. When the clouds move away we see…

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The beauty of craftmanship

Every Minitials piece is made by hand especially for you from the highest quality materials. In our factory and studio, our goldsmiths work every day to make the most beautiful…

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Christmas 2022

What is a wonder? Everything has it's wonders. Even sadness and silence. Therefore we must learn to be watchful and gratified. A gentle word, a kind look or a friendly smile…

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New: Pavé Collection

''Often imitated never duplicated… until now… but we added diamonds'' Long desired and now after 11 years it finally became reality. Our famous signature alphabet with sparkling pavé diamonds.

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Build your own ring

With the new Build Your Own collection from Minitials you can put together your favorite ring or set of rings. Minitials is all about love, with our subtle and stylish…

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Made with love

For the sweetest mom with a heart of gold, a listening ear and who is always there for us: Thank you for everything you do! It's time to honor our…

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Animal ashes jewellery

Pets hold a special place in our hearts. These animals are there for us every day as support and are part of a family. The loss of a pet or…

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Memorial jewellery with fingerprint

A fingerprint is unique to each person and remains unchanged throughout our lives. A fingerprint memorial jewellery is therefore a beautiful and personal way to honor your lost loved one…

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Memorial jewellery with engraving

Minitials memorial jewelry offers a beautiful and meaningful way to keep your lost loved one close to your heart forever. Make your memorial jewellery personal by adding an engraving to…

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