A loving memory

Memorial means something else for everyone. The most important part of a memorial is keeping the memory of our loved ones alive. Capture life and all the special moments forever…

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Family is the heart of the Minitials brand. About ten years ago, Marshia and Marloes started Minitials to always keep their children close to their hearts. Their signature collection represents…

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Dashing Dads

You are the one that teaches us to value ourselves. A guiding light that shows us the way. Your heart is my shelter and your arms are my home. Lifting…

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Family is the most important thing in this world, bound by blood or choice – the bond is infinitely strong. With a piece of jewellery in 18 karat gold you…

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For Him

Lovers or fathers can also keep their loved ones close with Minitials jewellery. Our Satin bracelets or Unity collection with a dark cord color color are perfect for all men.

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A solid friendship is built on trust and unconditionality. It’s the family you choose. To eternalize the band between you and your friend and to celebrate friendship, Minitials has created…

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Puppy love, or your 25th anniversary – It’s wonderful to celebrate love. Surprise your girlfriend or wife with a necklace or bracelet with your initial or zodiac sign. For the…

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We nurture and cherish our children with intense love. We see their true selves. Connected by fate, our commitment is endless. Our mother's hearts are magnified and filled with eternal…

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Making Memories

This Christmas we make memories with our family. At the beginning of their friendship, Marloes regularly told Marshia warmly about her memory of Christmas in her parental home. Every Christmas,…

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New in

View our latest collection of personal jewellery. Handmade with love from 18 karat solid gold.

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The year 2020 is already well underway. No one could have known or predicted that the world would make such a major turnaround in the first quarter of this year.…

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