Untangling the necklace

Ahead of a promising night out, take a look in your jewelry box. You have already planned your entire outfit and your favorite necklace is going to complete your entire look.

But alas, when you pull out your favorite necklace, an unexpected and frustrating twist unfolds. Your necklace is tangled in a maze of knots, among your other jewelry. Fortunately, this does not have to mean that you cannot wear the necklace during your night out, however, it will be a challenge.

A necklace that gets tangled can be a very annoying and frustrating experience. The more you pull on the knots, the worse the knots in the necklace become. We have some handy tips and tricks so you can make your necklace “knot free” again.

Tips for untying your tangled necklace

We like to share with you some helpful steps and techniques so you can make your tangled necklace sparkle again on your neck.

Patience and calm

As frustrating as it is, it is important to remember that your frustration is not going to help you move forward. The more frustrated you get, the less easily you will get the necklace out of the knot. Therefore, it is important to take your time and adopt a patient approach.

Find a suitable space

It is important to choose a well-lit and comfortable space. When you sit at a desk full of stuff around you, you don’t have the space you need to untie your necklace. Therefore, choose a table without too much stuff around you.

How do you untangle a necklace?

The time to untie your necklace is now. We’ve listed some helpful techniques so you can easily free your necklace from knots.

Remove excess tension from the necklace

It is important to start by removing excess tension from the necklace. You can do this by grasping both ends of the necklace and gently releasing it. This way you can relieve the tension between the knots.

The key here is to patiently untie the knots. Use your fingers to gently and patiently work toward the knot. Try to gently loosen each loop in the necklace, but avoid pulling. When you pull on the knots, the knot in the necklace may get even tighter.

Untying necklace using the needle method

Can’t manage to untangle the necklace with your fingers? In that case, you can opt for the needle method. In this method, you carefully insert a needle between the knot in the necklace.

You can gently move and maneuver the knot with the needle. This way, you can make sure that the knot comes loose and you can use your hands to remove the knot from the necklace.

Untangling necklace with oil

Still can’t get the knot loose? Then we can say that we are dealing with a persistent knot in the necklace.

In this case, you can choose to apply a drop of oil or a bit of baby powder to the necklace. In fact, these two tools can cause the knot to become smooth, making untying easier. Finished untying? Then it’s time to clean your necklace. Check out our other article on cleaning jewelry.

Work step by step

During all the steps, it is important to work on small pieces at a time. It is therefore advisable to work from the small knots slowly toward the large knot. This way you create overview and untying becomes easier.

Tangled necklaces: how to prevent it?

Now that you finally got the knot out of the necklace, of course you want to prevent this from happening again. That’s why we have some handy tips so you can avoid a knot in your necklace:

Store necklaces neatly

Make sure to store your jewelry properly. Preferably store your necklaces separately. Here you can choose a hook or a special jewelry pouch. This way you can prevent the jewelry from getting tangled in each other.

Using necklaces closure

Always use the necklaces fasteners during storage. By storing the necklace with a closed clasp, you prevent your necklace from getting tangled.

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