A collector never has enough

There is a story behind every piece of jewellery. Our customers tell the most beautiful stories. Stories that inspire us and we love to share. Emmy is one of our customers with a beautiful collection. Emmy says: “When your sister works at Minitials, you automatically become a collector.”

Her very first Minitials was given to Emmy by her parents for Christmas. Emmy continues, “This was a Signature necklace with my own initial (E) and a diamond. I have been wearing this necklace for over 10 years.” Meanwhile, this necklace has been extended with a 2nd initial (M). Emmy says: “This initial is from my christening name. Em is also my nickname, so often people think the initials stand for my nickname.” In addition, Emmy swapped the diamond for an emerald.

The Signature necklace is not the only necklace in her collection. Emmy continues, “Under the Signature necklace, I wear the Sparkle Snake Necklace. I got this necklace eight years ago when I graduated from Vwo.” The Sparkle Snake necklace that Emmy has is engraved on two sides. Emmy says: “On one side are the coordinates of the address where I was born. On the other side is xxx oma in my grandma’s handwriting. This way, I always carry her with me.” Besides necklaces, Emmy also has several bracelets. Emmy continues, “My wrist is dedicated to my family. Several years ago, my sister gave me the Round Two Signature Satin Bracelet for Christmas with my parents’ initials in it. I myself bought the Benjis with constellations of my sister and myself. The last bracelet is the Two Unchained.”

Emmy’s collection doesn’t stop here. Her earrings are also from Minitials. Emmy says: “For Christmas, I received Iniemini hoops. On one of these earrings hangs a Lucky Leaf charm, because carrying a little luck with you is always a good idea!”  Emmy had the diamond from her Signature necklace made into an earring. Emmy goes on to say, “I also wear a lightning bolt and the constellation lion with chain. These earrings were a gift from Marloes as a thank you for babysitting her sweet dog Chester.

Last but not least, Emmy wears an Exagoni ring on her finger. Emmy says: “On my Exagoni is my date of birth and a diamond. This ring was a gift from my family for graduating from college. My sister Maartje helped design the ring. For that reason, the ring is extra special.” A collector never has enough. Emmy says: “What’s still on my wishlist? The Circle of Love ring. This ring has been on my list for a while. Just need to figure out how I will personalise it.”

With Minitials’ jewellery, you always carry your loved one close by. Check our website for all the possibilities or make an appointment in our shop. We will gladly help you select a fitting and personal piece of jewellery.


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