With a laugh I think back

An exciting time is ahead for Anke. For a while now, Anke and her husband had been looking for a new house. It was love at first sight. Their old house has just been sold and the move is approaching. Still, Anke is struggling to say goodbye. Over the years, a house becomes a home. She says: “For 10 years, we enjoyed living in this house. All three of our children were born here. Many memories have been made here. There has been laughing, crying and comforting.”

Anke does not want to forget these beautiful moments in the house. The idea of taking something from the house soon arose. “I wanted to incorporate a memory of this house into a piece of jewellery. I myself got no further than a chunk of stone from the old exterior wall.” At the dining table, Anke explains her idea. Soon her son Thij comes up with a fantastic idea to incorporate an iron bead into the ash chamber of the Signature Charm. Anke says: “My children’s biggest hobby is ironing beads. Only there are just as many iron beads on the floor as there are on the plate.” Using tweezers, Anke manages to get one of the iron beads out of the wooden floor.

On her Charmed bracelet, Anke still had room for a charm. Anke states: “For Mother’s Day, Thij gave me a Smiley. The perfect charm to incorporate the iron bead.” More than just ashes can be processed in the chamber of the Minitials Signature charm. The iron bead is slightly flattened to fit into the chamber. A thin layer of clear wax is used to seal the charm. This way, Anke can always wear the bracelet. Anke said: “Because of this charm, we always think back with a smile to our beautiful time in this wonderful home.”

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