When you think of me, I think of you

Bridget and her grandmother always had a very special bond. A bond that only needed a few words, enjoying each other’s company was already enough . When her grandmother was diagnosed with a tumor and she was getting worse, she quickly knew that the time to see goodbye to her grandmother would come. 

 Bridget says: “I still miss her terribly every day. She once gave me a bracelet with the pearls of life, she also bought this bracelet for herself. When my grandmother died, I inherited my grandmother’s bracelet. I don’t know why, but I found it difficult to wear both bracelets together. As if it painfully underlined that she would never wear this bracelet again.  At he same time, I was looking for a piece of jewelry in honor of our special bond. I decided to look at Minitials for a memorial jewelry. A jewelry that would no longer give me this double feeling. 
Bridget chose the Minitials Sparkle Snake Necklace. The engraving on the front is a personal handwritten text and on the back are the coordinates of the place where Bridget’s grandmother died in her arms: “I wanted to have my grandmother’s fingerprint on the bar, but unfortunately we didn’t have a print. Luckly I still had a few handwritten cards from my grandmother. On one card was the perfect text: Kisses form grandma. This eventually became the text for the front engraving. Every time I see this handwritten text it feels like I’m getting sweet kisses from my grandmother again. 
 Always when Bridget looks at her personalized Minitials Sparkle Snake Necklace
 she thinks of her grandmother: “My grandmother said something to me just before she died that has always stayed with me, referring to the time when she would be gone: When you think of me, I think of you”.
A personal engraving 
On the Minitials Sparkle Snake necklace, available in solid 18 carat yellow, white or rose gold, you can engrave a(handwritten) text or a fingerprint on both sides of the bar. Who do you want to carry close to you forever?

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