Teun and Kelly’s love story

Kelly’s Story
“Best moment, best brand, in love with Teun and in love with Minitials”

Of course I often prompted to him that my girl’s dream is to get married. In addition, I also casually dropped which ring would fit best with it, the ÆON from Minitials.
I had mentally paused this dream, because another dream came true. A 2.5 month trip through Bali, Malaysia and Australia. Teun, me and our lovely girls. An unforgettable experience for us as a family.
Our dream trip started on January 29th. First stop, Bali. We stayed here for about a month. Then on to Australia. We had planned to stay Down Under for 1 month and then travel to Malaysia. Unfortunately, COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works regarding the trip to Malaysia. So that plan fell through. After extensive consultation, Teun and I decided not to take the plane to the Netherlands, but to stay in Australia. We quickly found a lovely place to sit out this time. In Australia the same restrictions apply as in the Netherlands, but with 30 degrees, a swimming pool and more space than at home.

April 1st 2020, this day we have an anniversary. 6 years of heavily in love and 2 girls richer. Normally we would celebrate this in a romantic place with swaying palm trees, snow-white beaches and a turquoise sea. Unfortunately we now celebrate this in quarantine on the couch with takeaway sushi from plastic containers and mediocre champagne. And then something happened that I never expected. Teun has stuck to this romantic date … He popped the question and you know the answer. <3

Teun’s Story
Of course I saved all the hints that have been given to me in recent years. When we were planning our trip in November, the perfect opportunity arose. The choice to go to Minitials was not that difficult since Kelly is a big fan of their collection. At many important moments in our life, Minitials jewelry has already been used. Between Christmas and New Year it was very quiet with us and Kelly was working a lot so it was easy to visit the Mintials shop. Once inside I was nicely helped and they thought about which size to choose. When the rings were presented one of Kelly’s best friends just walked in, oops. She immediately knew what time it was, luckily she kept it a secret.

I got the ring well before we left on our trip. Then the trick was to hide the ring properly. I found hand luggage difficult because I was afraid I had to empty my bag at customs. Checked baggage was not easy either, because Kelly packed and unpacked it. I ended up putting it in one of my running shoes at the last minute and made sure I grab it first when opening the suitcase. Once I arrived in Bali I quickly removed it from my shoe and hid it behind the bed for the time being until I found a better place. A few minutes later I heard our 3 year old daughter Bobbie say “wow” and she found the box. Fortunately Kelly was not around. The rest of the trip he was hidden in the cover of my headphones.

The date was still a thing and especially the moment, this is not so easy with two (lively) children around you. Finally I decided to wait until April 1st because we had an anniversary this day. Our destination on this date had a childcare facility there so this was an excellent opportunity to have a moment with the two of us. Unfortunately we had to cancel this last minute due to all COVID-19 troubles. Fortunately, the moment was no less special and most importantly, she said YES!



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