Minitials Ring Sizer


Need to find out your ring size because you want to order your favorite Minitials ring? With this ring sizer we got you covered! Scroll down for more information

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The Minitials ring sizer the perfect way to discover the perfect size.

In case you found your dream Minitials ring but are not sure of the size you need. This ring sizer will help you out. The ring sizer is reusable and can be used multiple times. You can also measure your other fingers!

Put the ring sizer around your desired finger. Pull the strap. But pay attention, you have to make sure it is not too tight. Keep in mind that the ring must still be able to pass over your knuckle.

All rings are custom made according to the size you specify when you order online. Some rings are difficult to adjust in size, with some it is possible. Therefore, be very careful when determining your ring size. You can always make an appointment in our store.

Processing time:
2 business days

Delivery time per location:
NL = 1 – 2 business days
EU & UK = 2 – 5 business days
Other countries: Click here


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