Mil’s Moment

Our colleagues in the shop hear different stories every day. Every day is different. At one table, a birthday is celebrated. While at the other table a memory is being captured of a loved one who has passed away. Everything comes together in our small shop. Some stories inspire us and we like to share.

Mil has been a regular face in the shop for years. Three days a week, she helps different customers pick out a piece of jewellery. So does the following customer. Mil says: “One sunny day, the doorbell rings at our shop. A cheerful customer comes in and tells us that today is her birthday. Her five children and husband have given her a giftcard from Minitials. She would like a bracelet and preferably one that can go home with her today.

At Minitials, there are several bracelets that can be sold from stock. There are several options for example, the Minitials Benji, Unchained and *Circle of Love bracelets can be taken away immediately. Mil says: She was very much in doubt between the Benji bracelet and the Two Unchained. In the end, she chose the Two unchained bracelet. “After all, it’s silly for me to walk around with my own letter and star sign.” Within Minitials, we don’t quite agree, because sometimes it is also important to emphasise yourself. Selflove is also love 🙂 However, jewellery is personal and everyone is allowed to have her opinion about it. Mil continues: ‘Besides thinking it was stupid to walk around with her own initial, she also had a very nice meaning with the Two Unchained. The link of the Unchained symbolised the infinity sign. The symbol of infinite love for her husband and children. With this beautiful explanation, this was the best choice for her.” This was her first Minitials jewellery but we hope not her last.

With Minitials’ jewellery, you always carry your loved one close by. Check out our website for all the possibilities or make an appointment at our shop. We are happy to help you select a suitable personal piece of jewellery.

*These bracelets can only be taken home immediately without engraving.

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