Memorial means something different for everyone. The most important thing is to keep the memory of the ones we have loved and lost alive. Capture the lives and moments of everyone special to you in a timeless piece of Minitials jewellery.

Signature Symbols

All Minitials Signature Symbols have an ash chamber in the back side.  This chamber can be filled with ashes of the one you love or other bits of sentiment that can fit into the small hollow space. Because this is a very special moment and we would like to take all the time you need, we only do an ash setting on appointment. Please contact the Minitials team if you want more information or if you want to make an appointment.

From ashes to ashes
From dust to dust
To this little symbol
A piece of you I trust


Our fingerprints don’t fade
from the hearts we touch

Fingerprints are uniquely your own. They are one of the few aspects of our physiology that remains unchanged througout our lives. All of our fingerprint jewellery are made to order and are designed to last a lifetime. The prints are captured deep within the gold and guaranteed never to fade. A perfect gift for new parents, in celebration of a wedding, or as memorial jewellery in remembrance of a loved one.

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