Gold Is Gold

Do you have old gold lying around at home and have your eye on a new Minitials piece of jewellery? On 6 July 2024, you have the opportunity to exchange your old gold for a Minitials gift voucher that you can spend directly when buying a new piece of jewellery. You will receive 20% EXTRA credit on your gift voucher.

How does it work?
You schedule an appointment for old gold redemption via on 6 July. We will give you a Minitials gift voucher worth the old gold you handed in* + 20% EXTRA Minitials credit on your gift voucher. You can redeem your gift certificate directly with a Minitials employee who will be ready to pick out the perfect piece of jewellery with you.

*based on the daily rate of the gold

Handing in old gold also contributes to further building sustainability, as new beautiful jewellery is made from your old gold. This is how we contribute to a circular economy.


– The trade-in event takes place in our Flagshipstore at Victoriapark 8 in Eindhoven
– It is mandatory to bring a valid ID (driving licence, passport or identity card)
– The exchange of gold takes on average 15 minutes and we work as much as possible by appointment, claim your spot via
– It is not possible to receive cash for your surrendered gold
– It is only possible to hand in solid 14 carat and solid 18 carat gold
– Remelting your old gold into new jewellery is not possible

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