Endless Possibilities

Life has many different events. A 40th birthday is a milestone in life. Ruud wanted to give his girlfriend the birthday of her life. Ruud tells: A friend of my girlfriend wears several pieces of Minitials jewellery. She advised me to look at your website. Soon my eye fell on the Vertical Edge Charm. The possibilities with the Vertical Edge Charm are almost endless. Ruud decided to go to the shop in Eindhoven.

In the shop it became clear that more is possible than the symbols in the collection. Ruud knew three of the five symbols quickly: “Both the name of my girlfriend and our daughters starts with the letter D, this initial must be on the charm. I also wanted to put our love (a heart) and our love for travelling (a globe) on the charm. Minitials already had these three symbols in their collection”, says Ruud.

Then it was time to add a personal symbol to the charm. The family of Ruud and his girlfriend consists of four people. After brainstorming, the four dots came out. Ruud says: ‘All the same size because everyone is equally important’.

The most personal symbol is on the back of the charm. Ruud’s girlfriend has a tattoo that represents her father who unfortunately died too soon. Ruud asked whether a Forget Me Not flower could be incorporated into the charm. “Together with the salesperson in the shop we looked at various possibilities. Nothing came close to her tattoo. Then the idea came up to engrave the Forget me not on the back”. By tracing the image, the exact tattoo could be engraved. This completed the charm. My girlfriend wears the charm with the  Chain of Love necklace every day with great pleasure.

Are you also looking for a personal 18 carat gold piece to capture your special moments? Check out our website for all the possibilities or make an appointment in our shop. We gladly help you pick a personalised piece of jewellery.


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