We nurture and cherish our children with intense love. We see their true selves. Connected by fate, our commitment is endless. Our mother’s hearts are magnified and filled with eternal love … Motherhood: it is delicate, gentle, wild and everything in between. As a mother you are always on edge. We are protective, teaching, challenging, self-effacing, but loving above all else. In short; really “a piece of cake” ;).

Motherhood is at the heart of Minitials. Since the birth of our children, we have had the desire to always carry our children close to our hearts. Our children are the biggest source of inspiration for our beautiful brand. Every day we try to inspire (new) mothers with subtle and stylish jewellery with the initials of their children.

Surprise your mother with a personal piece of jewellery in 18 carat gold. You will receive a Minitials cake with your order from April 16 to May 8*. The Minitials cake is festively decorated, filled with a soft strawberry bavarois and made in collaboration with Kris Studio Culinair.

Personal shopping
To give everyone the opportunity to personally choose a piece of jewelry, we have extended our opening hours. We still work by appointment to provide every customer with our full attention. Don’t wait too long and easily make an appointment via our appointment planner.

Personal delivery
We think it is important that you receive your order on time for Mother’s Day. Orders from April 16 to May 7 at 9 am are delivered personally on 5, 6, 7 or 8 May** in collaboration with Van Laarhoven MINI (Netherlands and Flanders only).

Van Laarhoven MINI also has a nice surprise in store for all mothers. With your Minitials Mother’s Day order you get the best deal for your new MINI in private lease. Enjoy all the benefits of a private lease, such as carefree driving for a fixed and all-in monthly amount!

Keep a close eye on the delivery time of the different collections. Order no later than:

Thursday April 29th
Æon and
– Tokens of Love Vertical Diamonds & Zodiac
Laser engravings (fingerprints)

Tuesday May 4th, 3 pm
Benji Blocks
Circle of Love
Connecting Dots
Off Spring Starfish
– Tokens of Love Vertical Edge, Extra love, Horizontal Edge and

Friday May 7th, 12 pm
Benji (excluding Benji Blocks)
Key to my heart
Sparkle Snake and
Tokens of Love (excluding Vertical Diamonds, Vertical Edge, Extra love and Zodiac)
You can also order these products online from May 7th 9 am until 8 May 3 pm and pick them up personally in our store, delivery is no longer possible from then.

*While stock last, 1 cake per order
**You will receive a message about the delivery the evening before we deliver your package.

Minitials One Signature Necklace

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Minitials Two Signature Necklace

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Minitials Three Signature Necklace

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Minitials Two Unchained Satin Bracelet


Minitials One Signature Chain Bracelet


Minitials One Signature Oval Satin Bracelet


Minitials Two Signature Round Satin Bracelet


Minitials Four Unity Satin Bracelet


Minitials Sparkle Snake Necklace

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Minitials One Benji Satin Bracelet


Minitials Small Disc Satin Bracelet


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