The year 2020 is already well underway. No one could have known or predicted that the world would make such a major turnaround in the first quarter of this year. The world we live in today is one of a new reality. The values ​​that we had set for ourselves as a brand and as a person have become even more relevant.

The world has forced us to pull the emergency brake. We are currently moving at a different pace than we are used to. Daily activities, without haste, it is almost unthinkable. I will not idealize being at home with your children all day and even having them do schoolwork. But don’t forget to enjoy this too. Yes, our business has come to a standstill, social life is shattered, but there is so much more. Nature shows itself this week from its most beautiful side, sunshine, whistling birds and blossom. Try to feel it. This situation is an extremis and one of the few things in life that we cannot change anything about and that is nobody’s fault.

When we get out of this, improvisation and creativity will be our greatest assets. In daily life with family and friends and above all our companies. This situation will lead to a blank page for a new beginning. A start in which we start up again, divert and perhaps live according to different values ​​and in different ways. Enough time to think about that now, right?
Awareness, compassion, empathy. Be there for yourself and for others.

Our lovely ladies continue to work where possible, we realize that the adaptation and diversion has already started. Happiness at birth and sadness at loss alternate at a brisk pace. We do our utmost to support you in our way with our unwavering love and service with which we do our work.

Kindness is key ♡,
Team Minitials

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