A solid friendship is built on trust and unconditionality. It’s the family you choose. To eternalize the band between you and your friend and to celebrate friendship, Minitials has created beautiful jewellery in solid 18 karat gold. Combine letters with symbols or zodiac signs to always keep your friends close.

You can order Minitials jewellery online or you can come by for a personal appointment in our Flagship store in Eindhoven. We work exclusively with high quality materials like solid 18 karat gold and diamonds (F-VS). Therefore, you never have to take the jewellery off and can always keep your loved ones close to your heart.

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Minitials Two Unchained Satin Bracelet


Minitials One Benji Satin Bracelet


Minitials Small Disc Satin Bracelet


Minitials Two Signature Round Satin Bracelet


Minitials Small Olive Branch Necklace


Minitials Three Unchained V2 Satin Bracelet


Minitials Exagoni Satin Bracelet


Minitials Sparkle Snake Bracelet


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Minitials  Store Appointments

Update August 1, 2021: We want to give every customer personal attention and we like to take the time for this. That’s why we’ve decided to remain open by appointment to avoid long queues. If you still want to come to the store without an appointment, you are certainly welcome. If we have a place available, you will be helped with love and pleasure! If the agenda is full, we will kindly ask you to schedule an appointment via our online agenda.

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