Dancing on the clouds

A loving memory for my mother and sisters… “dancing on the clouds”

Ineke tells; When I was born, a long-awaited wish came true for my parents. My parents went through an intense period before me in which they had to give up two full grown girls… I cannot imagine how hard this period was for them.

Shortly after the death of my mother, my younger brother and I visited our sisters graveyards. It still is a strange idea, without their loss we would never have been there. Therefore I have always felt that I had to get everything out of my life.

Even though our family is no longer together I feel a lot of love. My mother is now with my sisters, hopefully they were finally able to hold each other in their arms. “Dancing together on the clouds, and I dance with you.”

Life can be as simple and gentle as the softness of the clouds, this is a feeling I want to carry close to me always. I was therefore looking for a special piece of jewellery in which I could capture this feeling. In the store Mil helped me, I told her all my wishes and together we came to the Lucky Leaf bracelet. I personalized the Lucky Leaf bracelet with 4 symbols that have a special meaning for me, namely; star, heart, music note and a cloud.

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