Connected For Life

As twins, you are never completely alone. From birth there is someone to share life with and who stands by you through all the highs and lows. All facial expressions and habits are recognizable. There are no secrets. Driving each other to madness but also having the greatest fun with each other. Being a twin cannot be described in words. The bond is special. A sister and best friend in one. Lisa, along with her twin sister Inge, wears a Minitials Two unchained bracelet to symbolize their indestructible bond.

The bond described above recognizes Lisa from thousands. We have been together since we were born. We share everything and Inge sees immediately if there is something wrong. We don’t argue, just short discussions. We are now entering a phase of life in which we start to let go of each other more and go our own way. Now we still live together, but there will come a time when this will change,” says Lisa.

Lisa says: The bond with my sister is special and I wanted to capture this. Inge thought a tattoo was too intense. Then Inge suggested the Minitials Two Unchained bracelet. This one is subtle and goes perfectly with my other Minitials bracelets. That way we are always together even when we are not.
With the jewellery from Minitials you always carry your loved one close by. View our website for all options or make an appointment at our store. We are happy to help you find a suitable personal piece of jewellery.

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