Celebrate life – Laura

Laura always keeps her sister Marlous close to her heart with a Minitials Memory Lane bracelet and tells us about the unbreakable bond between the sisters.

I already know the bond between sisters is strong. But when my sister Marlous heard that she only had a few weeks to live, our bond became stronger than ever. We had the most beautiful conversations. Despite of our differences, in the end we only saw our similarities. How we love, how take care of our children, how we think about entrepreneurship, how we navigate through life in our own way and how we deal with setbacks.

Not more than 10 weeks after the diagnosis we said goodbye. Marlous put my Minitials Memory Lane bracelet on her wrist, with her own fingerprint and her handwritten life’s motto ‘Celebrate life’ engraved in the bar.

She kissed the bracelet and now the bracelet has more value every single day since her passing. In difficult moments I rub her fingerprint and through the bracelet, she gives me strength, new insights and confidence. One year after her passing I changed the cord color to pink. I will keep this as a tradition every year so the bracelet keeps on shining. Just like she always did”. – Laura

In a Minitials Memory Lane bracelet you can for example engrave a fingerprint, coordinates, heartbeat or a (handwritten) text. Contact us for more information.

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