A Touching Surprise

A pregnancy, it remains tremendously special. For nine months, as a mother, you carry your child with you for nine months. A wonderful time with as reward the birth of the child. All discomforts disappear (for many) like snow in the sun the moment the baby is born. More and more women are surprised after giving birth by their husband or boyfriend. So was Gilian.

Gilian tells: “A few hours after the birth of Scottie I was surprised by my boyfriend Sten with a bag from Minitials. Inside this bag was a beautiful bracelet. How touched I was but above all surprised. I had not expected this”. The Exagoni satin bracelet was composed by Sten himself through the Minitials website. The Exagoni satin bracelet can be personalized as desired. Initials, symbols and constellations can be placed on the bracelet.

Gilian continues, “On the bracelet are the initials of Sten, Scottie, Lewis (my son) and the initial J of my bonus child. Scottie completes our family. Sten made a great choice! It is so incredibly special to capture my family in this way. I will wear this beautiful piece of jewellery with joy.”

Are you also looking for a personal 18 carat gold jewellery to capture the birth of your little one? Check our website for all the possibilities or make an appointment in our shop. We will be happy to help you select a suitable personalised piece of jewellery.

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