Together we are everywhere

Fiona has united all her great loves in the Horizontal Edge Bracelet and created her most precious bracelet.

Fiona says: “A few years ago my husband gave me the most beautiful Christmas present ever, a Signature Necklace with our sons’ initials. Since then I have expanded my Minitials collection and I wear every piece of jewelry with great love and pleasure”.

After a successful year at work, Fiona decided to reward herself with a new piece of jewellery. “In my head I already knew exactly which bracelet I would choose, namely the Horizontal Edge Bracelet. In the store Mil helped me a lot with personalizing. Of course I had come up with something that was not standard in the collection, but because of my previous experience at Minitials I knew that more was possible. ‘It is not possible’ does not exist for these ladies,” says Fiona.

All the symbols that are incorporated in my Horizontal Edge Bracelet are very dear to Fiona: “The musical note represents my love for music and the other 3 symbols represent my family. Together with my sons I have chosen the symbols, the elephant stands for my oldest; caring, wise and super loyal son. The lightning bolt represents my youngest; thunder, fierce, banging and a force of nature.” The globe reflects the bond between Fiona and her husband: ‘Together we are everywhere, without you I am nowhere’. The champagne diamond, to honor Fiona’s French roots, completes the bracelet.

Fiona concludes: “I can still enjoy my bracelet every day and I am super happy with the end result! I am, and remain, a fan of the first hour”.

Are you also looking for personalized 18 carat gold jewelry to immortalize your loved one, people, precious moments or something else special? Check out our website for all options or make an appointment at our store. We are happy to help you find a suitable personalized piece of jewellery.




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