A personalised symbol, small but strong – Cindy

Sometimes, but more often than you would think, we receive a special request in our inbox. Today we share the story of Cindy.

On December 30th, little Jade came into the world. New mom Cindy was looking for a special piece of jewellery to represent the connection between Jade and her mom (who passed away 10 years ago). She designed a hummingbird because for her, this represents the connection between them. The design was also used for the birth announcements.

Cindy comments: “I have chosen a hummingbird because it’s Jade’s symbol. It’s a special bird for me, little but with huge strength. The back of the symbol has an opening to keepsake something special. The letter J is for my babygirl”.

We think this request is very special and the result is magnificent!

When we receive a request for a personalised symbol, we check if the design fits the Minitials brand. When this is the case, a 3D design is created and the symbol is molded. In our Studio in Eindhoven, the goldsmith attaches the symbol onto the necklace with love.

Do you want to share your story or do you want to create a personalised piece of jewellery with us? Contact us through info@minitials.com.


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