A ladybug means luck – Jennifer

In february 2020, Jennifer visited the Minitials flagship Store. She already owned a Signature necklace with a ladybug symbol. Now that her father has passed, she wanted to always keep him close, and chose to wear his ashes in the ladybug.

We asked Jennifer why she had chosen a ladybug, she answered: “My father was ill for a long time, but everytime there was a tensive moment (surgery or the results from a test), I saw a ladybug and I knew that everything would be OK. At one time my dad had surgery and I had not yet seen a ladybug that day. My faith in the luck of the ladybug was so strong, that I was worried that this time everything would work out fine. Later that day, I saw two ladybugs sitting together and it turned out that my dad needed the luck of the ladybirds on two different moments on that same day…”

We hope that, despite this great loss, ladybugs may bring Jennifer and her family a lot of luck in the future.

What is your lucky charm?

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