A special message in gold

Lieve says: “During my internship at Minitials, I hear many lovely stories around all the beautiful jewellery that we sell. This made me realize that jewellery can carry a personal message.

My grandmothers birthday was coming up and I wanted to give a special gift together with my family. But what do you give a grandmother that is already very happy with a visit or flowers.

A while ago my grandmother told me that she used to wear a bracelet engraved with her children’s names. Unfortunately she lost it… That’s when I knew! How special would it be to recreate this bracelet. The Sparkle Snake bracelet was the perfect bracelet for this! The bracelet that we choose was most closely to her old bracelet.

The next day I told my colleagues at the office my idea and we started to design the Sparkle Snake Bracelet. Together with my family we have chose as engraving the message “You can do that!” for the front. This message has a special meaning for my family and me. Last November we had to say goodbye to my grandfather. With his last strength he spoke this message. This message has always stayed with us and therefore we thought it would be nice to capture this message in gold. As an extra personal touch, we engraved my grandfathers name on the back. This way my grandmother carries him every day with her.

My family and I couldn’t wait to give this special gift to my grandmother and to see her reaction. She was so surprised by this gift and was immensely moved by the message on the bracelet.

My grandmother enjoys wearing the Sparkle Snake bracelet every day, this bracelet gives her a lot of strength and support in difficult times. This gift is not only very special for my grandmother, every time I look at the bracelet myself I am reminded of grandfathers last message.

Are you also looking for personalized 18 karat gold jewellery to capture a special message? Check our website for all the possibilities or make an appointment in our store. We are happy to help you select a suitable personalised piece of jewellery.


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